The pugs are the reflection of the cruelty and selfishness of human are You … – The

Most of the time we believe that the animal cruelty is only isolate to an animal, not feeding, they violate this oath, or to leave it.

However, there is a more cruel mistreatment, by; we are talking of deformations that are made along the years in order to achieve certain specific characteristics in a breed.

Dogs pug are a clear example of this. For many years, these adorable animals have suffered manipulation at the time of reproduction only for your physical being as we now know it, but do you know the consequences of these deformations? Find out here.

The pugs are a reflection of human cruelty

The pugs are the reflection of the cruelty and selfishness of human are You ... - The 1The nature takes care of that all species adapt to an environment for them to play the right way. Unfortunately, we human beings have taken care of that the reproduction canine is carried out according to the race you want to have.

The best example of a process of artificial reproduction irresponsible are the dog breed pug. Even though they are the favorites of millions of people in the world, these animals harbor a myriad of diseases that have been caused by humans, and, of course, for his cruelty disguised as love and care.

A chinese product

This breed originated in ancient China, when the royals began to want to have pets. However, the pugs were very different to as we know them now. His physique was similar to that of dogs of the breed median. Had a skull and snout prominent, tail angled and without the form of thread, in addition to legs according to your height.

Some works of art show the morphology that have suffered

With the passing of the years, appeared on pugs as we now know them: with a snub nose, jaw excessively small and nasal cavities reduced, which will generate breathing problems, having an adequate temperature, swallowing difficulties and gastroesophageal reflux.

Its reduction in size, accompanied by increase of weight, find it difficult to exercise and influences on their tendency to obesity. In addition, we must thank his bad athletic condition to cut of their legs.

Do No more pugs?

In 2016, the British Association of Veterinary Medical launched a campaign for people to avoid adopting or buying this breed. But not for cruelty, but to prevent further suffering with so many diseases.

Unfortunately the campaign did not cause the expected impact. A few associations, the media and society responded to the call, because the reproduction of this species generates millions of dollars across the world though it is a disaster anatomical.

We chose pugs only by the shape of your face

Despite the harsh realities of the breeding and reproduction of these species to generate money, the indifference of the clubs parenting is a reality, and there are few veterinarians who are in favor of stopping the race to avoid further suffering for more years.

Although we have to recognize that the less guilty of abuse and cruelty is the owner that has a pet as cute as a pug. As an animal lover it is your duty to take care of him, protect him and be his companion until the end. But it is also necessary to create awareness about the problems these animals suffer, and leave aside the selfishness of choosing a pet just by their appearance.

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