The Rottweiler killed the owner and chewed it a time – (Log)

India.- A farmer in India was killed by his own dog, who then ate part of his body for more than an hour. Mani Ram, a farm worker, had bought the rottweiler to guard your house. But a few days ago, when it was dismissed, the Tiger became mad and chased him violently. According to witnesses, then kill him, the dog chewed pieces of the face, chest and hands of its owner for more than an hour.

The police arrived at the location to capture at the rottweiler as he tried desperately to approach the body of Ram in the yard of his farm in the town of Pânîpat, Haryana, India. The animal stood guard next to the corpse and fled when the villagers tried to acorrararlo, armed with sticks and rocks.

After that the police finally confiscate the corpse, it was four hours to find and catch the dog, which had run out, and now was in custody. The deputy superintendent of police, Jagdeep Duhan, said: “No one wanted to approach the dog for aggressive behavior”.The violent animal snapped its jaws around the throat of the victim and “strangled to death” before they could chase it away, they pointed to several witnesses of the bloody fact. A video shows how the police officers who arrived at the scene observed with horror the violent scene and, fearing to approach the animal, before the inhabitants of this town of the India armed with sticks and stones, they manage to zoom out to the dog.

Mani Ram was a farm worker and had the rottweiler from three years ago. According to local media, before the attack the man had spoken of to deliver the dog to the humane Nai Pahal Welfare Society. Meghna Kapoor, vice-president of the society, said: “Tiger was very violent and was not safe to keep it with human beings. But we never imagined an end like that.”

Late: The man had wanted to deliver the dog as violent.

A pitbull attacked and killed a baby

A baby of a year was playing in the courtyard of his house was attacked viciously by a pitbull and died from wounds received at the impotence of his mother.

The incident occurred in a house of Brilliant Prairie Court, in the area of North Valley in Las Vegas, united States. According to Laura Meltzer, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Las Vegas, the boy was just playing near the dog when it attacked. “The mother managed to stop the attack, but the baby had already suffered severe injuries,” said the woman.

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