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Among the pets of choice in Nicaragua are the canines. Dogs of different races are seen in many homes as a member of the family, and there are specialized sites for your care: beauty salons, shops of clothes and accessories for dogs, not to mention the health care centers to canines. But what are the breeds that you prefer to the nicaraguans? We consulted with the Canine Association of Nicaragua (Acan) and the veterinarian Larry Espinoza and here’s what we have.
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A dog is quite intelligent and docile; a race of long-lived and of little aesthetic care: it is used as a guide for blind people and it turns out to be the ideal company for the whole family. “It is a dog that tends to learn very fast,” Espinoza says.

 German Shepherd

 It is a breed of dog very versatile. Ideal for a family, it is a guard dog, obedient and great companion. It is moderately large and their hair is usually short, though they are also found with long hair. The specialists do not recommend long hair in Nicaragua because of the hot weather. A dog is uncomplicated to care for.
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 This type of canine is not for everyone. It is an ideal dog as the guardian, has a character very difficult and strong. To be able to handle it should be a very strong person and dominant. “With a good education and a lot of love is a great dog,” says Corinna Hoberg, of Acan.


It is a fighting dog by nature, carry it in the blood. However, although its appearance is aggressive, it can educate and it is possible to develop a good relationship with the people. However, other animals will go to flower of skin that aggressiveness. Is a dog care and gentle handling. Physically is medium sized, strong and with great agility.
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 This is a new race that is under construction, a hybrid or cross between the bulldog and the pitbull. According to Hoberg is not aggressive, but are still trying to set a standard of how it’s going to be the race. In regards to the size there is small and large, are large heads and very strong. The small can be size as the Schanauzer thumbnail and the larger ones can be up to about 51 centimeters.

Schnauzer small

Is a dog house and very good for the whole family. It is a canine that does not cause any inconvenience, is always on the side of the members of the family, known to live with all type of person, even with other animals. It is recommended to cut the hair at least once in the life, because is very hairy.
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