To assist in the prevention and control of rabies, the Health Sector, the state through the Sanitary Jurisdiction III, will take place on Sunday 26 of march, the first week of rabies vaccination.

The MVZ José Domínguez, coordinator of the area of zoonoses and vectors in the jurisdictions stated that prior to this and with the objective of covering the largest number of colonias and rural communities, will be doing this activity.

In terms of the locations of the positions of vaccination he emphasized that these will be located as is already a tradition in the health centres and in the facilities of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, in addition to that this year counted with the support of veterinarians that has its clinics for the implementation of biological in addition to the protective association of animals.

He pointed out that the requirements is to bring their pets for a month of a born-and in the case of females, no matter if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding.
It should be noted that rabies is recognized as the most serious disease transmissible from animals to man, continues to be the zoonosis of greatest importance in Mexico. Rabies is an acute encephalitis, contagious, and fatal disease caused by a virus.

It is important to note that Mexico is a signatory to the mandate established with the Pan american Health Organization and ratified by the World Health Organization to eliminate the cases of human rabies transmitted by dog in 2015, this condition is reached in the country, beginning in 2006.

Leticia Chavarría, director of the Health Jurisdiction Number II, indicated that the goal of vaccines is to apply to dogs and cats is 121 thousand 600 doses.

At the same time pointed out that you will work with 400 modules of vaccination, which will be distributed through different points of the town, as well as in shopping centers, the implementation of the biological is completely free.

In this campaign they will participate students of the school of veterinary of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, as well as the different Schools of Medical Veterinarians of the locality.

The holder of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, he stressed that the national level has more than 30 years that do not have cases of rabies, and this is due to the constant vaccination campaigns that were carried out in each municipality of the Republic of mexico and state of Chihuahua.

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