The Surgical Unit Mobile performed a total of 25 castrations – The Eco de Sunchales (press Release)

NGO’s NETWORK provides different localities the necessary tools for its implementation, seeking to align the work of the State and the effort of the institutions or local groups to ensure the achievement of the objectives from the complementarity and synergy.

The Surgical Unit Mobile was in Sunchales from Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 march. In that span, spayed a total of 25 domestic animals, including dogs and cats.

For this reason, the Municipality of Sunchales is grateful for the intervention of the humane Association Sunchales (PAAS), as well as to the neighborhood of the neighborhoods of co-op and Moreno, and all/I the/os that were present to collaborate with the veterinary team.

This initiative led to take a further step in the work carried out in favour of the control of urban wildlife and the prevention of animal suffering, as well as in caring for the health of all the citizens.

Operating Room Mobile

It is a preventive system to prevent the slaughter and/or confinement of animals, as prevent is to solve the source of the problem. The main objective of the program is the control of overpopulation of urban fauna, a problem that not only causes suffering and consequences in the animals, but that affects public health in general.

In the Operating room, Mobile castran dogs and cats, males and females, from six months of age. You should spay females before the first heat and males before the first show. Also apply the anti-rabies and deworming.

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