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Regarding the steps of the training, the expert explained: «When you meet the year the dogs get to Bocalán for the basic training (four months) and learn their first skills: turn on and off lights, open and close doors, to dress and to undress, reaching for objects and bringing objects of a drawer, for example. They also reinforce the good habits that they learned in the stage of socialization, such as how they should behave on public roads and in public places, but also learn how to behave when they are free, or without the vest to be of assistance… as the common dog; this is up to a year and a half. Then, depending on the maturity that you have and the time it takes to learn to each one, is what trains between three and six months more with the specific skills required by the user. This is divided according to the character of the dog and his likes: if it is very quiet, like Oreo, will surely be of service. Also going to Polish the skills that you bring and you are going to teach those that ask for the user. If we have a super active dog will surely enjoy to be a PSNA (Service Dog for Kids with Autism). They are trained for road safety (stop means prior to any cord), prevent leakage, have the behavior of sleep (lies down next to the boy, who usually doesn’t sleep alone and begin to sleep with him gradually until it reaches 8 hours), among other skills. The dogs that are left outside the programme are those who do not want to do it or you don’t like what you do, you then happen to be companion dogs and do not care. Those who remain are those who truly enjoy doing so, those who see us grab the bag out of training and get happy.»

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