The Truth | Among 14 applicants today will come the most outstanding Woman … – Diary of The Truth Junín

This Wednesday, march 8, the Government of Junin, will honor the prominent women of our city and invites all residents to join the award ceremony.

14 women proposals are:

Maria teresa Pacheco: I Am a worker in my neighborhood, through the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, where she provided classroom support, computing, textiles and sewing, with the goal of helping my neighbors. They are free courses, and for which I am in charge of finding all the necessary items. For the support of school story with the collaboration of teachers and offer a cup of milk to the boys.

Danielle Felker: subcommissioner of police of the Province of Buenos Aires, from 29 September 2014 until February 2017, I was in charge of the police Station of the Woman and the Family of Junín. Our work has to do with the protection of the dignity and rights of the people. Also tip to the recovery of that dignity and respect.

Julia Susan Camparo: over 40 years Ago, I am an employee of commerce. Really what made me be so many years in this area was the joy, the love and the respect, of those who gave me job and the people that go to buy. That gave me always strength and will to serve with joy and respect.

Beatriz Palacios: I Am part of the NGO Mom’s Light of Hope, where every day, from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, the mothers with their children come to eat breakfast, prepare lunch and snack, in addition, can complete their studies to secondary and take part of the different courses. All with the aim of accompanying mothers in need.

Marisa Duhalde: Are protectionist, but in addition to help to the animals I am interested in accompanying the families of the pets, bring them to neuter. I take care of cure to abandoned dogs and find a place. My goal is to not have animals on the street.

Adriana Pugliesso: Since the year 2000 I am working in Junin by the security. For many years I did so in the municipal forum of security and from 2016, from an NGO, called Neighbors Committed to Safety, always working on the same topic, and to collaborate with all the societies building.

Monica Barber: an art Teacher in levels primary, secondary, and tertiary of Junín. The art has to do with the sensitivity, the emotions, and the release, that’s why I think that saves and improves our society. Solidarity is always in my, why, always, in everything that I can to collaborate, through NGOS, what I do, because when you help one is complete with the other.

Alicia Olive: Protectionist and strives to make justice for the death of his Son in a road accident.

Silvina Balbi: For his cultural work as a teacher of Musical Comedy in adults, children and special students. She is the Director of Musical Comedy in the UNNOBA.

Silvia Rocha: Formed the Partnership and Feel the Life of fight against the cancer.

Ana Maria Piccinelli: President of the Group «Gauchadas» and works in the obtaining of money for the volunteers of the HIGA and for the construction of the Day Centre for children with difficulties and other institutions.

Alicia Giagante: community Work next to the peña «La Bombonera»

Fabiana Echeverry: Along with Raúl Saldías, Followers of the Sunset, made the Street of the Followers, summoning a great number of neighbors of all ages to enjoy dance and music, constructing a sense of place in the social and a link friendly and caring.

Alicia Canzonetta: In charge of the shelter Francis of Assisi, in calle Lartigau almost Avenida Circunvalacion. In this refuge, which belongs to the animal protectors of the city of Junín, she cooks, cuts the grass and cleans and controls the animals.

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