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The authorities of the board of Directors of the Sociedad Rural de Junín launched in the area of Route 7 and the Road to the Spa the 71st edition of the Exhibition Livestock, Industrial and Commercial; the 24th of Technical Upgrade; the 28th Exhibition of Farm and the 21st Dog show, which will take place between Friday 18th and Monday 21st of August to come.

Participated in the launch the president of the Rural Society of Junín, Alejandro Barbieri; the rector of the UNNOBA, William Tamarit; the agricultural producers Gaston Paz and Andrés Ardissone; the secretary of municipal Government, Agustina, Miguel, on behalf of the mayor Paul Petrecca, and Niní Ceci, in charge of the Room of the Woman.

Barbieri began by saying that “it was very hard to make this release from the board. The sub-commission, who manages the exposition, we spent some encouraging data, saying that it had already been sold in 70%, in spite of the conditions we are going through. I began to reflect on the agricultural producer and to what bet and I see that a bet on a future, always seeing that the situation is going to be better. This motivated to carry on the shows, in spite of the situation so dramatic. This reminds me very much of 2008 that, despite the fact that the political situation was different, the voltage union is many and also the distress of the people.”

“We have spoken with all that we’ve been able to level of municipality, province and nation, by the issue of water, many are totally under the water, are moving animals to other places and the situation is very critical. Beyond this, always we are committed to the future and to the hope that things will get better. That is why we have made this release, because there are many other social actors that make up this show,” he said.

Miguel: “it’s all very well to strive for perseverance”. Agustina Miguel stated that “satisfaction is the realization of this exhibition, above all, overcoming the difficulties and the losses that we have generated this inclement weather that we are still suffering and especially the sector that created the rural society. In front of such adversity, it is very well put, the perseverance, the creative talent and the confidence that shows this management young head of the Rural Society of Junín, which makes that one can see light at the end of the road and be able to carry out, once more, an exhibition that has been underway for many years and that shows all the potential regional and productive. From the Government of Junin, we will be present in the dome, pointing to add. Will the OMIC, Culture, Production, Food science, and other areas. Also we will add numbers art intended for family and youth, with folk, rock shows and stand up, all with local talent”.

Tamarit: “Our contribution is referred to the academic”. William Tamarit, rector of the UNNOBA, said then that “for the university it is a pleasure to be considered as part of this event that brings together all the juninenses and its region. Our contribution is referred to put some discussions in an academic, scientific, and perspective, which I think is what there is to highlight. In front of every difficulty, there is always a set of opinions that relate to multiple interests, and from the university, we can make a contribution from the perspective of knowledge. We will contribute the opinions of the technical people that can give us a perspective that perhaps is not what we want to hear, but that necessarily we are going to move closer to the possibility of setting policies in set medium and long term that are more reasonable to just generate discussions that do not lead to any side. Let’s hope that as of August this water crisis can be overcome and we can discuss all of this in perspective.”

Ardissone: “you have to have a good foundation”. Andrew Ardissone, of the sub-farm of the Rural, recounted, “I come to contribute my granite of sand to the difficult situation we are living today the agricultural producers. I was taught that you have to have a good foundation to be able to have something very good and my foundation is the amazing team that we formed with the sub-farm, which has a very great love for the institution. There is also rescue the unconditional support that we received from the commission. Our exhibition had, in the past year, in the sample of farm international judges, which this year will again come. Currently, in Argentina there are about 80 samples of Poultry, and the our is considered as the third best in the country. When there is a team you can work and achieve things. This year we expect more than a hundred exhibitors from all over the country and we have all the conditions given for the sample to be a party.”

Ceci: “The flavors and the music unite us”. Niní Ceci will again be in charge of carrying out the Lounge of the Woman. “In this difficult situation that one is living, the living Room of the Woman will be like a backwater. The family who pass by there will be new developments very nice. The slogan of this year will be “The flavors and the music unite us”, because we want to be twinned with all the provinces, with the flavors, the music and the dance, meaning that we are all united. To close, we will dance the pericón nacional, empandas and wine’”, said the driver.

Peace: “it has Always been made a great effort”. To finish, the livestock producers Gaston Peace said that “this exhibition is successful and Junín becomes a national benchmark is the joint work of the institutions and the people who work in a selfless manner for this to work. For 71 years, has always made a great effort to ensure that this sample has the prestige that it has. Very few can be spewing the pride of making it for 70 years of uninterrupted. If this year is difficult, there were others that were more”.

“This year there will be major changes in relation to previous years in the cattle, although I must say that it has consolidated the sample swine as one of the most important in the country. The exhibition of livestock, in regards to the Argentine Association of Aberdeen Angus has been appointed to Junín as part of the circuit of buenos aires, positioning our expo in one of the most important in the country,” he said.

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