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  • 24 April, 2017

Authorities said that there will be sacrifices of dogs and cats in Progress.

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MERIDA.- The authorities of Progress ensured that there will be no “killing” of dogs and cats in Progress, and that they will seek other measures to combat rabies.

It was reported to the society that they will be raised up from the streets, will be taken to vaccinate and sterilize. This is done, they will remain in the facility for 48 hours for the population that you want to be able to go to adopt them.

They noted that the animals will be in terms of health optimal for these to be adopted. If these are not requested, the authorities will come to them again in the streets of Progress.

It should be noted that activists had taken the initiative of a campaign for the adoption of these canines, in fact, the association “Moving Pigtails” made a protest in front of the Municipal Palace of Progress.

The association was also invited to move the animals to stay in Merida for which these were not captured and slaughtered. However, the authorities have already confirmed that it will not be the solution.

It is for this that you are welcome to the population approach to adopt to these canines.

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