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Residents of the neighborhood of Santo Domingo, Tepoztlan, Morelos, protested against a neighbor that has dozens of dogs and that, say those affected, it generates a public health problem.

According to the communiqué of the neighbors, Dora Julia Anaya Leyva keeps the animals confined in a small space without giving them the relevant vaccines or sterilize them.

“From 2007 to 2016 accumulated more than 200 dogs and will continue to do so”, pointing to the neighbours in a press release, in which they call for a meeting neighborhood for this Saturday at 18 hours, in the atrium of the church of the barrio of Santo Domingo.

In addition, point out that the waste of the dogs contaminate the rivers and groundwater of the wells of the neighbourhood, with which it supplies water to all of Tepoztlan.

Those affected point out that they do not seek that slaughtering of animals, but ask that they vacate the place where they are currently and that you will give a solution to the conflict that has lasted already a decade.

Release the neighbors in the Barrio of Santo Domingo




Tepoztlan, Morelos, 18 march 2017





The neighbors in the Barrio of Santo Domingo, we have convened the assembly of the day of today, in the atrium of our church, to make a friendly call to the city and state authorities to enforce the convention with mrs. Dora Julia Anaya Leyva October 2007 and to put an end to the problem of health and environment who represent the dozens of dogs that accumulates this lady.

We deliver this by writing in response to the attitude of willful, mendacious, violent, and harmful to the Lady Dora, their lawyers and their workers have had with the neighbours for more than ten years, and in response to what they disseminate through their networks and media of communication. The true situation of our district is the following:

  1. In the Neighborhood of Santo Domingo, we are in favor of the care and affection of animals; many of us have pets in our homes that we care and we treat you with kindness.
  2. No one wants to damage to the tens of dogs that the lady Dora has caged; on the contrary, we want them to be transferred to a real hostel, where I have better conditions of life.
  3. It is a lie that the neighbors would like the animals to be sacrificed; rather, we would like that families that yes, they can give affection and care, the adopt. All day you hear barking of dogs attacking dogs, caregivers hitting dogs. Oh, that is not caring for animals!
  4. Those who had farms with chickens, or pigs or our cattle in the Neighborhood of Santo Domingo, we have had to rent land in another place, far away from the residences, so as not to affect our neighbors.
  5. In October 2007, at her husband signed on behalf of Dora, a convention that she never respected him. That convention was supported by the Association for the protection of Animals; but still NOT respected.
    • Annex 1: copy of the clauses of the convention of that year, which stipulated that he would be leaving his house “UNINHABITED ENTIRELY OF DOGS”.
  6. Makes over 10 years that we have been looking for a solution kind and respectful with the Lady Dora, which has NOT been possible. The lady has always denied – and answering with violence, threats, and profanity; and just as happened the day that shined carts stools of dog in front of the home of Don Beto Barragan.
    • Annex 2: copies of 10 documents concrete (2007 to date) bear testimony that we have been asking for a solution many years ago.
  7. We are 26 families directly affected, more than 60 people (children, adults, and older adults), the brutal noise, the foul smell that is perceived permanently, as well as by the dirty water that is thrown on to the public road.
  8. Feces, urine, hairs of dozens of dogs run off to the rivers and aquifers of the wells of the neighbourhood, with which it supplies water to all of Tepoztlán, as well as in particles in the air that cause asthma and other diseases.
  9. We have a decade looking for a solution that is good for all parties: for the lady to keep her dogs away from here, in a land where it does not affect the health of its neighbors and the respectful coexistence and peaceful in the community.
  10. Mrs. Dora makes a mockery of the authority of the stewards, of the neighbors. Does not allow the inspections, which by rule should be made that would not comply with the requirements of good animal care.
  11. In December 2016 the lady got an injunction based on lies, told the judge, Tenth to Eighth in the State of Morelos who had never had conflict with their neighbors. This is a crime, a clear violation of the federal law of amparo. We will prosecute criminally lies.
    • Annex 3: copy of the statement of FACTS of Dora Anaya to the Judge that in point 3 it says: “DURING THE TIME THAT you HAVE lived THERE I have NOT had INFECTION PROBLEMS OR SITUATIONS of CONFLICT WITH NEIGHBOURS”.
  12. In January 2017 signed a new agreement with Propaem and the municipality, with requirements very specific to the well-being of the animals, so as not to affect the neighbors. Once again, what violates and makes a mockery of all.
    • Annex 4: copy of agreement of January 6, 2017 that it fails permanently.
    • This agreement was signed behind the backs of the stewards and neighbors, without the transparency and without the participation of the key actors in the 2007.
    • IN NO WAY accept that would keep you in 52 dogs; even less convinced that being aggregating Mrs. Dora Anaya will return to failing to comply with its commitments. From 2007 to 2016 accumulated more than 200 dogs and continue to do so.
    • Does not comply with the good care of animals, or immunization, or sterilization, or the handling of feces and or isolating the noise.
  14. In recent days neighbors in the community have been threatened physically by her and her workers; a reason for which we have filed complaints with the Prosecutor General’s office of Morelos.
  15. The confinement of animals represents a high risk to human health, but also to that of the same animals.
    • Annex 5: analysis of conditions of dogs in confinement.
  16. This situation is not something that affects two or three of your neighbors; not “10 houses”, as mrs. Dora Anaya stated in the program of Horacio Villalobos. We have been accused of traffic of influences. We have been accused of violence. We attacked and threatened physically and verbally. In their social networks, those who support them, do not know the true situation here lives. Don’t know the torture that we suffer. The language and tone that your friends use against us is unacceptable, it is full of insults and disrespect.
    • Dora Anaya not only is capable of lying to a Judge or to the authorities, he lies all the time in your page of Facebook; what goes up, the information distributed, the images, the videos, are lies.
  17. Dozens of families in the Neighborhood of Santo Domingo we demand the immediate solution of this situation, we are the original people of Tepoztlan that we have centuries of living here.
  18. The authorities should comply with their duty to protect the health and well-being of the society and enforce the convention of October 2007. Demand the fulfillment of the obligations of the authorities is NOT traffic of influences: it is your responsibility, your job, and your obligation, as well as the duty of all citizens to require that they comply with their terms of reference.

Mrs. Dora Anaya is not the victim of the anger and discontent that prevails among the residents of the Barrio of Santo Domingo, we are the victims. Mrs. Dora is to blame for the situation in which we live. He accuses us of the “acosamos” by putting blankets and banners that ask you to remedy the situation. The confinement of the animals may not trample upon human health and the environment!

The harassed with the involvement of their dozens of dogs are we, children, young people and adults, that you can’T live by the noise, the plague and the contamination of water, which yield their dozens of dogs.

We do a so-called strong in favor of human health for mrs. Dora Anaya and his dozens of dogs to live in another place!

I have all the dogs you want, but not in an area of housing and to take care of them well!

I reject categorically the convention of January 2016, and require the timely performance of the agreement of October 2007!

For more information on the risk that mean dozens of dogs confined can be found at the following vets:

  • MVZ Fernando Mariscal, Animals Hospital for Pets, Morelos
    • 01 777 311 59 13
  • MVZ Armando Dominguez, School of Veterinary medicine, Puebla
    • 01 222 647 11 03



  1. October 30, 2007: Testimony of the Mexican Association for the Rights of Animals BC
  2. October 22, 2012: Letter from Neighbors of the Barrio of Santo Domingo in the Governor Graco Ramírez Abreu
  3. October 24, 2012: Response of the General Directorate of the Unit of Legal Affairs of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State of Morelos
  4. October 26, 2012: Office of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State to Address the Health of the City of Tepoztlán, Morelos
  5. March 7, 2013: Office of the Directorate of Health of the City of Tepoztlán, Morelos
  6. March 11, 2013: Office of the Commissioner for Protection Against Sanitary Risks of the State of Morelos
  7. March 13, 2013: Office of the Directorate of Health of the City of Tepoztlán, Morelos
  8. March 26, 2013: ACT 0096 of the Receivership of the City of Tepoztlán, Morelos
  9. February 10, 2017: Letter of residents of the Neighborhood of Santo Domingo to the Dr. Patricia Mora González, Secretary of Health of the State of Morelos
  10. February 13, 2017: Letter to State and Municipal Authorities, claiming a definitive solution to the problem.

In all these documents there is evidence of impairment of health to the community, as well as the rejection of standing of Mrs. Dora Anaya to the supervision of the authorities and the fulfilment of the convention of October 2007.


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