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Toluca, Mexico.- Before the attack of packs of dogs to individuals in San Mateo Otzacatipan, the Center’s director of Animal Control in Toluca, Ignacio Medina Ferrusca, indicated that even when it is conducting operations to lift the animals from the streets, it is important that citizens make forecasts, they attack by hunger or because they feel that it invades their territory.

It was almost like hunting a pack for hunger, which is why it is important to report the existence of packs, through photos and called the Animal Control Center, because sometimes the Animal Protectors discourage those who want to do this, which can prevent a misfortune.

In interview, he said that the areas where there are packs of up to 15 dogs is in the Suburbs of San Mateo, in the delegación San Mateo Otzacatipan, and in the Neighborhood of The Baskets, specifically in the pantheon and between the fields.

The sectors of the population most vulnerable are the elderly, children, people, alcoholic, drugged and homeless people who are ill of their mental faculties, therefore regularly cannot defend themselves or run.

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He assured that the Animal Control Center performed operations to remove these dogs from the streets, where to date they have raised 17 dogs of the delegation cited above, same that will be in observation for 10 days, to know your physical state, and determine if they can be given in adoption. However, there are other packs in the area, for which it is attentive, with the accompaniment of animal protectors.

He acknowledged that discusses whether you may give in adoption the dogs, however, being used to attack individuals, it is not always possible, so the alternative may be to apply a lethal injection.

However, he said that this is done with the observation of the Protective of Animals, so that they do not think that the only alternative that notes the authority is the sacrifice of the animals.

He mentioned that currently has not been sacrificed none of the 17 dogs picked up from the streets, then take a few days for observation, have not been reached 10 days, since the attacks on three persons are recent.

Before this, considered the best way of preventing this problem is mass sterilization, strengthen the control of rabies, where 15-year-to-date has not presented a single case, and speak out when you notice packs of dogs at the 1-98-09-00.

He indicated that it is estimated that for every four people in the municipality of Toluca there is a dog, so there must be around 300 thousand dogs, of which only between 30 and 40 per cent have an owner, and both are semi-resident, so a great part of the time they’re in the street, and sometimes join the packs.

Also, it should work in a responsible ownership, because there are those who only want the puppies when they are puppies, but after the throw to the streets, » he said.

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