This afternoon you will embark on a march in Iguazu to repudiate the … – First Edition S. A (press Release) (Registration)

Graciela Villagra, of “Love Animal”, an Association for the protection of Animals of that locality,stated that the mobilization will also be in “absolute rejection of the events that come happening in the different neighborhoods of this city.” He explained that work is also ongoing by a municipal ordinance, registration of pets under the title of responsible ownership, against the abandonment, and sale of illegal animals.

“We believe that this presence in the streets, with the pressure of the neighbors, it will serve to the person that is doing these things to stop the hand”, he emphasized Villagra.

For the call, which has the adherence of the other protective animals of Falls city, will be counted with the assistance of the provincial police and the department of Transit that will be on the schedule agreed.

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