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The special pet you start with the Bulldog, a guard dog, quiet, a pet adequate to share with children because it is able to ration her strength and to be patient. Before the strangers can be show watcher but not aggressive.

According to the Federation Cynologique International, FCI, which is the canine organization in the world tasked to govern and promote cynology (study of dogs), the Bulldog is classified in group number two, where are the dogs type Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid (muscular and strong jaws), and the type dogs swiss mountain and cattle.

History of the Bulldog

According to the FCI, the Bulldog was classified as such in 1630, and was initially used to fight with bulls; from 1835 he began to develop a version of face shorter and fatter to what is currently known.

He joined the ski exhibition in 1860 and in the following years showed a big change of personality. A dog aesthetically strange, with a serious expression and tosca which, paradoxically, shows affection. It is one of the breeds most ancient, known as the Dog National of Great Britain.

Club Bulldog Bucaramanga

Two years ago it formed the Club Bulldog Bucaramanga, integrated today by approximately 60 members lovers of this breed of dogs and their pets, especially the English Bulldog and French.

“The main function of the club is to help holders of the bulldog to learn how to raise your dog, and potential breeders on how to raise the litter; in the page of Facebook can find several videos of how to feed them, how to fix the ears, they are videos of teaching,” explained Elkin Kings Knight, the club manager, who brings 17 years of breeding dogs of breed English bulldog.

It is necessary to highlight that the Club Bulldog Bucaramanga emerged to accompany and strengthen the breeding of dogs, was not created for the sale of puppies, nor for the sale of adult dogs. If you are the owner of a French Bulldog and want to belong to this club, you can locate them by Facebook as a ‘Club Bulldog Bucaramanga’, or communicate with Elkin Kings to the cell 321 446 0881.

The champion

She is called a Dream of Kings Mugwort, and is a champion young colombian champion adult colombian and champion of venezuela. Is a dog born and raised in Bucaramanga, who won the championship young adult and in a record time of 4 months in the year 2011. He has participated and triumphed in the exhibitions organized and sponsored by the Association Club Canino Colombiano. In addition, he traveled to Mérida, Venezuela, and in only two outputs to the track achieved the first place.

The dog ‘good life’

Are dogs that tend to ‘steal’ the heart of their masters. For Elkin Reyes, manager of the Club Bulldog Bucaramanga, this type of dog is a true ‘king’. “It’s a dog good life, good-natured, is a dog that is very quiet, and is relatively independent.”

It is necessary that the holders of these dogs have in mind a series of recommendations: “dogs Are snub-nosed to those who find it difficult to breathe, are very sedentary, then eating is a dog that must be controlled so that you will not be over weight, is a dog that is good eating, and being sedentary, being so quiet, so still, tends to get fat, then it is likely to suffer from heart attacks,” explains Elkin Kings.

In terms of the bathrooms is recommended that they be every month and a half, or every two months, should not be so followed, there are people who are accustomed to bathe your dog every 15 or 20 days, and this is not necessary or beneficial for the canine. It is appropriate to seek to use wet wipes to asearlos, primarily to clean the face wrinkles, and ears, you can also opt to have dry toilets.

Recommendations of the expert

With the aim of that is attentive to the health of your dog, then indicate the most relevant aspects to be taken into account to prevent any possible disease. Veterinarian David Jose Garcia, of the Agroveterinaria The Barn, indicates that the Bulldog “have respiratory problems, digestive and allergy sufferers mainly”.

It is a can that adult is going to be between 25 and 30 kilos, therefore the expert explains that “it is a dog that will eat a lot, then consider how much we’re going to invest in power, because in the market there are many brands to see options, but it is an animal that will be consuming a good volume of food,” says the Veterinarian, therefore it is necessary to prevent a possible obesity in your pet, will allow him to leave continued to walk and run.

A subject of the greatest importance, as in any pet, it’s the vaccination schedule, which usually will start at 45 days of age. According to the expert, the desparasitaciones in puppies should be done monthly, until at least 7 months of age.

In terms of the most common diseases, the veterinarian indicates that “on the Bulldogs, be braquicéfalo, that is to say dogs that are flat, the major complications that are going to have are the respiratory. The reasons of consultation are that the dog snores a lot, leave many boogers, who have breathing problems, have trouble breathing at night,” concludes the expert, David Garcia.

Problems may arise type of dermatologic and allergic, by the characteristics of your skin; in addition the shape of their body and their legs tend to have problems of joints, or at the level of the hip, although this is most noticeable when they are older.

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