TN in Ushuaia: «There is much odor to the campaign each time it appears … – Sur54

“There is a lot of smell to campaign each time TN by the city. Appear with a problem that is real, and the first thing they do, even after you try to reverse the situation, is pulling such information in the streets of Ushuaia, there are more than 30 thousand dogs”, he said.

He indicated that “there was some clarification made by the chronicler that was here”, in reference to Mario Massaccesi, and reported that “the Sunday night we were with him, in an interview with the mayor, who clarified that between 30 and 32 thousand dogs is the total dog population of the city.”

Charged against the councillor in charge of the PRO Tomás Bertotto, because “if the issues exists, there was some councillor who quite wrongly wanted to gain notoriety through this news. A year ago he, himself, met with the person that assumed in the Nation’s Pro Tenure, he said that they came to the city around 37 thousand modules, not knowing quite what it is about a module of castration, because each module serves for 200 operations. Imagine 37 thousand modules,” he said, pointing out that “that was the total for the Patagonia and not fulfilled”.

“In these 18 months, the management of Mauricio Macri, unlike the previous years, we came to the city of Ushuaia or Rio Grande or Tolhuin no module national, or came items that are used for operations, nor oxygen, nor vaccines, nor gloves, nor are all the implements that are used,” said the official.

He highlighted the plan elaborated by the workers of Zoonoses “in front of the serious fact of the attack to a neighbor in the Mission floor. We understood that this is an important public health problem. The mayor took the decision to prioritize the Health area and make a sub-Secretariat which has own funds, and will allow, with the step of the Address of Zoonoses to the office of the Undersecretary for Health, dump resources”.

He said that “he immediately began to work. Since they built the first dog runs and yesterday to complaints of neighbors, captured four animals that may be in these dog runs. Two of them have an owner and a large part of the loose animals have an owner, who will bear the corresponding fine”.

“It has become practice that the neighbors have dogs on the street, as if this were legal. The dogs have to be inside your house, and when they leave they have to wear collar and leash, they can’t do their needs on the street. We will have to work hard and continuously on this”, he posed.

“The province can not be in emergency situation with stray dogs in the cities and dogs feral in the field, with the damage they cause in the rooms,” he stressed, reiterating to the surprise of many wild dogs have an owner. “Some media even said who they were dogs. They are people who are in that area, both in the CADIC as in the basic Mission. Part of the Navy we had all of the collaboration to place traps in the area of them, that is restricted to the public. The head of Area Naval accompanied us on a tour that I did with the Secretary, to see where they were the lairs, because there is a pack of six or seven dogs there, of whom we captured two,” he reported.

“The Navy put all its collaboration, providing vehicles and personnel. Know that it is not easy to capture a dog in an open area. The same is not the city where you can retreat. Cross-country it becomes more complicated and that’s why they resort to cheating. On the other hand, there are companies who have offered to continue with the work that is suspended, at the exit of the city, close to the Pipo River, where there are dog runs half-built. The idea is to finish them in the shortest possible time and make a work of rehabilitation of the area of Zoonoses, and enlarge it to double the amount of dog runs. The animals are cared for and that means resources, because it gives them to eat, bathe, and are catered for,” he said.

Asked about the reaction of Rosanna Velez, representative of the humane ARAF, differed a protective other, because “the people of The Shelter with us was to provide the collaboration, but are also the protectors that have been put in the position of defending animals over people, which seems to us an outrage”, he said.

“We have to defend the life of the citizens of Ushuaia and protect animals that are loose and not decided, because they were other humans that were left in the street. We now have the resources of the health fund and we will continue working on this line, with the vets, because the president of the Council has been made available, and the work of the people of Zoonosis, which is performed in adverse situations, because there are neighbors who mistreat the workers who are going to capture the dogs,” concluded Souto.

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