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The Saturday, April 29 is the Day of the Animal and the municipality of the Capital will celebrate with various activities in the Central Park to promote the responsible ownership of animals.

The 10 is planned to start the “Mascotón”, a walking of animals and owners, participatory and recreational, non-competitive and 1500 meters, for the streets surrounding the Central Park. The start will be in Mitre and Barrel, to continue by Mitre, the Grape, The Vine, Pellegrini and return to the starting point.

In this first edition, the neighbors will be able to share a morning recreational that will include urban interventions, raffles, music and outdoor sports. In addition, it will be present the Mobile Vet to vaccinate, deworm and evacuate queries for guidance.

Taking into account the responsibility and the social commitment of the municipality, will be part of this initiative protection organisations that will have animals for adoption, veterinary and petshops in the City, as well as groups of paseadores canes, among others.

If you are a merchant of the City, you can also participate

The Mascotón will have space for those City merchants who have their venture related to the category of pets.

Will be able to have a space in the Central Park, of 4×4 metres, to advertise and sell their accessories. The cost will be $500, plus delivery of a leash and a collar that will be drawn during the event.

The procedure is the following:

1- Withdrawal of proof of income (use of public space, the equivalent of $500 (five hundred pesos) at the Department of Accounting, dependent on General Accounting, located on the first floor of the municipal building.

2- Then it shall be paid at the municipal Treasury with a credit card, debit card or cash.

3- With the proof of payment, should be directed to the Address of Promotion and Primary Health Care, located on the third floor, in order to sign the regulations and make delivery of the collar and belt, previously mentioned.

This procedure can be performed from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13.

In the parque San Martín

The Secretariat of Environment and Territorial planning organized a festival in conjunction with various animal welfare across the province. Live music, giveaways, campaigns and actions recreation are some of the activities that you can enjoy with pets and family.

Since the directions of Ecopark, Renewable Natural Resources and Parks and Promenades Public are preparing the last details to perform a great festival of the Day of the Animal in the Meadow Spanish, which is located in front of the Museo Cornelio Moyano and the lake promenade.

The celebration is called in for the day Saturday 29, from 10 up to 16.

With the participation of various protective animal of the province, the Government will launch a major campaign provincial adoption and responsible participation of the National Queen of the grape Harvest, generating a message to the entire society that aims to promote the adoption and care of animals of the street.

Among other activities that will take place in the festival, there will be a recognition to the whole team of professionals, volunteers and institutions that participated in the transfer of the Chimpanzee Cecilia of the Former Provincial Zoo to a Natural Sanctuary of Great Primates in Brazil.

Pets in adoption

Also, we have prepared various booths where each protective will be attending with their pets that are in terms of adoption, to give several talks to the attendees in reference to the campaign that urges the provincial Government in conjunction with these Ngos. Among them, we prepared a space coordinated by the Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources, where through the Departments of Wildlife and Environmental Education, park rangers and inspectors will develop various activities related to the operating of Hunting, the Sale and Trafficking of Illegal animals, as well as watching birds.

The entry is free and the activity is designed for the whole family you may want to attend with their pets, mates, and special snacks to enjoy a great day out.

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