To escopetazos took the life of three cubs in Canoe – The Sun of Puebla

Two children 6 and 7 years, were witnesses of the shocking scene. A man with a shotgun rounded up scores of three puppies of a dog, then kill shot shotgun in the board auxiliary of San Miguel Canoa.

When Jeovany Guzman came to his house at about 21:00 hours, he knew something was wrong because he did not hear the barking of their pets, a short time after his mother’s Rosario Marquez gave him the news: they had been killed by one of his neighbors.

The reason, he said the man who allegedly killed them, was because she thought they were feral. “I saw them, could not hide, and I the truth yes I threw”, he confessed in a recording that the 19-year-old has on his cell phone when his mother calls him by killing them, two of them were crosses of pitbull three months of age and another of six months, rescued from the street.

Jeovany want the help of any organization for the protection of animals and the intervention of the Prosecutor’s office of Puebla because it is not certain that the man has a permit to carry a concealed firearm, in addition, she said that the place where the killed is a field used by children to play and two of them -their neighbors-were witnesses of the scene.

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This young man along with his two brothers and their parents have a year to dwell on that board auxiliary, lived in the colonia San Aparicio and the man who murdered their pets what they knew of view because it was often in front of his house, but never imagined that one day I could shoot him with a shotgun to their puppies.

Also told that the mother of the minor witnesses, he explained that the neighbor went on around 12:00 hours of the day in front of the house of Jeovany where their dogs were playing, they began to bark at a cow, the property of the alleged murderer, then the latter follow them up to where they could not escape.

Jeovany that came out of work late, picked it up from a gully where they were taken and have the photo of one of them with the stomach trapping. The largest, reported, shot him in the chest, while the small shot them in the head and in the stomach.

Said that do not know the name of the person that has been identified by neighbors as the author of the murder, but you can recognize it and know where you live; however, despite the fact that it attempted to submit a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office said that it was closed and now only hopes that some agency gives you the support because he wants to sue the man who shot their pets.

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