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29 April 2017 – 09:23 The central purpose of this date is to remember the importance of other animal species with whom we share the planet.

Every year on the 29th of April is celebrated in Argentina, the “Day of the Animal”. However, few people know why this day is chosen to celebrate it.
The Day the Animal began to be celebrated, at least in our country, in 1908 . At that time, by the inspiration of Clemente Onelli, director of the Zoological Garden, and doctor Ignacio Lucas Albarracín, President of the humane Society.
In every home in which they live, become a member of the family. Their presence, their occurrences, change the mood, enhance the day-to-day. In Argentina, each 29 April marks the Day of the Animal in homage to the death -in 1926 – the doctor Ignacio Lucas Albarracín.
Dr. Albarracin was a tireless fighter for the rights of the animal. As president of the humane Society was in charge to propose and promote the National Law of Animal Protection. A pioneering project in the country that sought to prevent both the abuse as hunting.
If you want to share with your pet your day, send us a photo of the WhatsApp of The chief Captain to the 387-154-749-361 that we will include in our portal.

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