Tortured by a puma, and were identified: one of them is … – The Patagonian

The president of the Association for the protection of Animals, Silvia Meyer, confirmed that a judge of Chilecito, La Rioja, instructs the judicial process against a taxi driver and a teacher, involved in the torture and subsequent murder of a young puma which themselves viralizaron by social networks, as a symbol of triumph in the hunting of animals.

«We are in the presence of people who are dedicated to accompany people who enjoy hunting, is a very delicate subject», he expressed concerned about the owner of APA. While in The Rioja region there are no so-called «hunting grounds» and it is forbidden to hunt wild animals, «we are in the presence of people who are dedicated to accompany people who enjoy hunting,» said Silvia Mayer.

«It is a very delicate topic beyond the cruelty of the death of the animal,» he emphasized, and the data of the puma, explained that «it is a puma female who was with her two puppies, it is clear that we are encroaching on the habitat of them.»

«They are decimating our native fauna and above there are people who are dedicated to bring ‘tourists’ in a province where the hunting is illegal so that they have a poaching», denució.

But Meyer made a profound reflection of the situation: «if we look a little bit more in depth with these subjects live, one is a teacher of a private school of Chilecito and the other is taxi driver».

«It is a debate that you have to put a beginning and end in the justice», he stated and added that the Judge Reed is in charge of the instruction and that in addition to the complaint of the humane society there was also another from the secretary of Environment.


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