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After the hearing held on the 14th of February last, James N., the engineer of 23 years of age, who tortured and killed cats in a laundry, was linked to the process by a Judge, who ordered precautionary measures, among which stands out that should be receiving psychiatric treatment at the State Mental Health Centre (CESAME), do not approach their plaintiffs, nor to any cat; however, do not step on the jail.

In days past, it gave to know the history of Francisco Martinez, a young of Saltillo, along with other people decided to document and expose the systematic torture to which his friend Jaime N. underwent small cats that were given up for adoption. According to the record 06348/2016, of the Procuraduría General de Justicia del estado de Coahuila (PGJE), there is evidence that James, in addition to murder three cats, tortured to seven others, and there are indications that it could have done with more for several years.


Repeatedly documented abuse against the cats. He denounced it because he said he now wants to try it with women

Descubre que su amigo es torturador de gatosDescubre que su amigo es torturador de gatos

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the delegate in the area southeast of the office of the Attorney General de Justicia del estado (PGJE), Everardo Lasso Sheet noted that “the defendant performed a survey where it shows traces psychopaths”, and said that it will not be left without punishment.

He stressed that in the case of Francisco Martinez, who accuses his friend, and the witnesses who saw mistreating his cats; during these two months (until mid April) will monitor permanent to Jaime, who in addition will have to go to sign to the court each week.

Erick Hernandez, another of the claimants, considered that the decision is insufficient because it “only really are giving you a manazo”.

He pointed out that this is not something personal against James, and requested that “if he really is sick in the head, which a forensic psychiatrist I checked, and that you carry your medication in to a psychiatrist until they release it and say that is okay, because he already has a history of what had been done before, since I was in high school,” he said.

In addition, it considered that the precautionary measures are not enough because after you forget the case. “That won’t help for people to see that if you do something against the animals you are punished,” he said.

He also stated that these measures are leaving a negative precedent that could encourage animal abuse to be observed that there is no royal sanction.


Criminalist indicates that Jaime “N” has the traits of psychopathy, a disregard for the life and profile of violence

Torturador de gatos tiene perfil criminal: especialistasTorturador de gatos tiene perfil criminal: especialistas

Soul Barrón, Society Cat Saltillo, community animalistic that supported the complaint, agrees. For the protective of animals, the decision can generate fear to report these crimes as “far from helping the animals we’re going to hurt it; look at that guy did this, complained and nothing happened. Then, yes it gives us fear,” said in an interview.

He added that as a protective group of animals will continue working on the case and that we already have contact with people of Eugenio Derbez, known for promoting causes against animal abuse.

In this regard, Everardo Tie Plate, a delegate of the Public Ministry, denied that there is any failure in the performance of the MP that would prevent the accused does not get to prison, stated that “there were no elements to apply the preventive detention because, animal abuse is not a crime of high impact and us, we narrowed to what the law allows us to”.

Also noted that he is aware of this issue so that justice is done; however. at the insistence of THE UNIVERSAL know if the torturer of cats will go to jail, he acknowledged that is unlikely.

“Although Coahuila is a new law avant-garde that punishes animal abuse, due to the Criminal Justice System Oral that recently applied in Mexico it is very difficult for the accused pay for his crime with jail time”, he considered. The new System of Justice Oral, he explained, prefers that the accused remain at liberty and the last ratio (instance) is the jail.

Tie Plate, said at this time is to continue with further research and, if applicable, will be charged. In addition he made it clear that “The Attorney General of Justice of the State is committed to follow the process until its last consequences”. In addition, he stated that in these two months in which Jaime N. will receive psychiatric treatment, guests can also make use of various defense mechanisms or alternative means to conclude the cause.

Meanwhile the procurator of the Environment in Coahuila, Emilio Darwich Garza, stated that the Public Ministry has successfully brought the process, and was convinced that the state prosecutor to achieve a conviction with a penalty of deprivation of liberty for the executioner of cats.

The Penal Code in force in Coahuila, in his article 293 bis 2 provides for penalties of two to six years in prison and fines of three hundred to one thousand days of minimum wage to anyone who “commits acts of mistreatment or cruelty, unjustified, against any species of animal that does not constitute a pest, causing death”, and adds that in the event that you make use of methods that cause severe suffering to the animal prior to its death, the penalties are increased by half.


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