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The University of Sonora prepares them to be professionals to be sensitive, concerned and engaged in their environment; Valeria and Maria Elena are students of third semester of the bachelor’s degree in physician Veterinarian Zootechnician and today working on a major work: The Mega Day of EsterilizaciÃ3n free for dogs and cats in Hermosillo.

«This is something very father because we are helping to reduce the poblaciÃ3n of animals of the street», explicÃ3 Valeria Valles, a 19-year±os, «and has a lot to do with the health public, because the more they breed the animals, plus there are diseases zoonÃ3ticas that can be transmitted to the human.»

Valeria and Maria Elena are part of the first generaciÃ3n of students of this career, and feel that their work is essential, as your university work load with the responsibility of laying the foundations for generations to come, in addition, have the duty to support in the educaciÃ3n the ciudadanÃa in regards to animal control.

«People already see their animals as part of your family, give them more consideraciÃ3n,» said Maria Elena Guzmán, a 19-year±os, «so this race is very human, and I think that in the future we can help still more s».

Both invite us to approach the campaign, since they have hands specialized from all over México working for the health of the pets.

«The doctors are all very capable, know what they do and cÃ3mo deal with them; all the people involved love animals and treat them with due respect», explicÃ3 Maria Elena.


Ariel Félix, director of the Center CastraciÃ3n Canine and Feline, said that this activity in which you collaborate with Spay México, several organizations protective of animals and mémedical veterinarians from all over the Country, it could achieve to sterilize more than a thousand 200 pets.

There are studies on very successful people who are dedicated to the control of poblaciÃ3n, signal alÃ3 the médico that indicate that spaying a female dog, leave birth to 36 animals, so that, if in the Megacampañto be esterilizarán 600 females, evitarà a total of 21 thousand 600 animals in the streets.

«To report the effectiveness of the control by means of the esterilizaciÃ3n, of that caliber is the control of poblaciÃ3n; in the case of males is also important, because there will no longer be more females covered by them», concluyÃ3. <!–

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