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Inauguration will be today, at 7 p. m., with Malpais

Updated march 17, 2017 at 12:00 am

Come the days of summer and, for one weekend, downtown San Jose is dressed with their best clothes: performing art, music, dancing, food, and the passers-by released from the urban routine

Once a year, during the sunniest days, the Summer Festival Transitarte is the visitor fleeting that delivers on what it promises: clear the helmet josefino vehicle traffic and replacing it with the tourists of the national culture.

Starting this Friday, the pathways of San Jose suspended their prey to kick off three days of music, theatre, dance, games and street food.

The promise of this year is to deliver the old known –the culture and art to the wilderness– but with an agenda even more robust than the 2016.

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The Municipality of San Jose invested ¢80 million to organize Transitarte 2017. The figure, ensures the local government, doubling the investment that was made in the previous year.

“On the one hand, he turned to the proposal that began on Friday”, explained the mayor, Johnny Araya about the concert that will open Transitarte in the National park, with the repertoire of Malpais.

“We have a 180 cultural events during the summer festival. More than 200 artists are participating. It enriches, expands the offer of cultural performances and feel that this is why we take up the budget of the past”.

Where to go? This year, the public sites are activated for the festival are once: the location further to the west is the Square of the Order of Malta – where there will be activities of the Federation Canine Costa Rica – and, by this, the stage of concerts of the National park. Among those places are dealt the rest of the scenarios.

As usual, the Morazan park will have concerts and performances in the Temple of Music. In the green areas will be located activities –dance workshops with fabrics and aerial hoop, for example–; one of the corners of the park will host various presentations of contemporary dance, folk dancing and dances, and Hebrew.

Another important site will be the Metal Building –the School Buenaventura Corrales– who last year lent her hall for a few theatre shows.

This year, the schedule will be, Saturday and Sunday, six hours of continuous dance and theatre. The functions will begin at 2 p. m. and change mount every hour –so if it rains in the afternoon, there is where escampar without ever getting bored– .

Outdoor, on 11th street, the western side of the Cenac, the Municipality will be placing a stage for theatre, and, in the evenings and nights, will host the storytellers Festival Pure Story.

The Spain park will host stalls of recreation in children –including areas of reading, robotics training and performances of tales–.

Also, the Plaza de la Libertad Electoral –in the northeast corner of the Supreme Tribunal of Elections (TSE)– offer activities of the Cultural Association Art and Circus.

During the Saturday, the walk of The Ladies will go to two parades. On Sunday there will be none.

The National park will have the main stage concert. In it, Transitarte open and close their activities.

The opening presentation will be in charge of Malpais –this Friday, at 8 p. m.– and farewell, on Sunday, will be the last concert of the Summer Symphony, the National Symphony Orchestra –repertoire includes accompanying Suite Double and Carlos Guzman–.

Design and food. The sales positions, called for this occasion the Markets of the Expression, will offer crafts, products, design and gastronomy, all of this “craft”, as explained by the head of Culture of the Municipality of San Jose, Lilliam Quesada.

In previous years, these markets were located exclusively in the National park, now in some positions also will be in the park of Spain.

It is well known that Transitarte requires comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and the commitment to abandon the car away from the fun.

Thus, the space of 11th street will have bicycle parking but, with the roads closed, drivers will need to be transformed into a pedestrian.

However, Transitarte gathers enough activities as for the helmet josefino sufficed and on.

The food, in other years limited to the Garden of Peace, shall be located only on 15th street –this is between the TSE and the National park–.

According to Araya, the cuisine will consist of seven food trucks ( food trucks ) that sell various alternatives: potatoes, hamburgers, choripanes, ceviche and sandwiches and drinks –one of the trucks also has a patent to sell wine, mentioned Araya–.

Despite the design, the experience of Transitarte is a personal journey, open to the sky, by San Jose. Knowing where everything is helps but what is indispensable for the tourists is that they know how to walk the city with enthusiasm and curiosity inexhaustible.

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