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By: Pamela Diaz Baca.

President Michelle Bachelet signed into Law the Responsible ownership of Pets and companion Animals, one that was dormant for more than seven years and is credited with reviving from the severe abuse suffered by a dog called ‘Cholito’ in a commune of Santiago.

A relevant step to ensure the proper care of companion animals” and are “are a part of many families of our country, are friends and faithful friends”, were some of the references to the ‘Law Cholito’ he provided in his speech the governor to enact this law, which defines the responsible ownership and promotes the criminal penalties for those who engage in actions of abuse against animals.

Responsible ownership of pets

As provided in this law, the responsible tenure is the set of obligations assumed by a person when he decides to keep a pet or pet (dog and cat) and as actions that encompass this concept, the responsibility is to be identified and registered to the pet in the respective municipalities, provide them with food, shelter and good treatment, take care of your health, as well as the person is obliged to adopt necessary measures to prevent their pets or pets cause any damage to third parties.

A public policy that has been well received, stressed the responsible regional Subdere, “this is to consolidate the work we have been doing next to animal protection organizations, municipalities, and aims to make us responsible as citizens for companion animals, we can control point from the health effects of not take care of the animals and on the other hand the municipalities have the tools to establish fines and penalties for those who do not comply with the law,” said Peace Foitzich Daily Aysen, by highlighting the three fundamental axes of this public policy: control of animal population, the identification and registration of companion animals and education of the citizenry.

Main actions

The Ministries of Interior, Health and Education will be in charge of the promotion, in its turn, the Ministry of the Interior is to create –within 180 days – a platform for which there are six national records, formal pets and animals company, which will allow for better identification, apply sanctions to people who do not comply with the law and return to their owners, these animals in case of loss, to know which are the organizations protective, breeders and sellers of pets and also to identify potentially dangerous animals of the canine species.

“From now on, municipalities will have the ability to rescue any animal that has no identification and is in a state of abandonment, and will be able to deliver it to organizations which promote responsible ownership…”, said President Bachelet at the Plaza of the Constitution, and those words Foitzich highlighted “the municipalities will be able to apply projects –which indeed are already doing so – and will have the autonomy to make their ordinances based on the law.”

From the Health sector, the seremi Ana María Navarrete, commented “we have a lot of joy for the enactment of this law, since that will directly benefit our region and across the country, but mainly happy because it was enacted after many years…,” said the authority sector, highlighting that responsible ownership means care and thus be able to deliver to a family, a healthy pet “and so protect the rest of the families of our community in terms of disease transmission, and in many other situations such as bites,” said seremi, by quoting that they will be controlling the ordinances according to the health code.

Delia Arauz, program manager of Responsible Tenure of the Subdere Aysen commented on important aspects, and that were always of concern protection organisations, “the law is going to eliminate everything that is euthanasia as a population control kennels, in addition to the neglect and abuse will be punished,” he said, noting that people from aggression and to abandon will receive sanctions with fines between 10 and 30UTM, and in extreme cases, prison.

From the look of a protective organization, such as it is Foundation and the Feet of Patagonia, Magaly Luarte, who presided, pointed out this means “we are happy for the law…what we want is to become effective”, he stressed, pointing out that they expect to materialize the allocation of funds and implementation of the law itself, “we want the municipality and other entities continue to work hard because it comes to us along a difficult path because of the need to reeducate the people, is to start from zero,” he concluded.

Finally, it should be noted that to learn more about this new public policy, should enter to the web

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