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The medical equipment and operating the Sterilization Center, primary Care, and Adoption, CEAPA along with officials of the investigative Police, have entered the kennel facility particular and retreated to 12 dogs to the procedures doctor of sanitary control prior to the entry to your new center.

Alejandro Espinosa, a veterinary doctor of the CEAPA, she explained that the first new residents correspond to the cubs for being the most vulnerable, but that in the next few days we will complete the transfer of the total dog population, “In general, the puppies were in good condition, although a little parasitized. Since the year 2008 we were performing interventions in the humane Society that is located adjacent to our premises, in fact, the last of her was two months ago, therefore, the majority of the dogs are with controls basic medical and vaccinations up to date. Patients admitted to hospital today (Tuesday) will be in an observation period of 24 to 48 hours to evaluate them and continue with the other medical procedures that require and are necessary”, he noted.

The Operations Department of the Municipality is working on the enabling of the 4 dog runs where they will remain the 34 dogs rescued, who will join the 38 residents of the center and receive affection, care and feeding, waiting for a family that can give them a new home.

“We had to adopt an emergency situation, we had dog runs that were disabled, destroyed and made efforts to rehabilitaran and so be able to go home to the patients who are going to get. By the time they are all patients in dog runs enabled within the shed, and it corresponds to the ancient sector of our center, once patients do not present any problem or risk to the canine population, and for us humans, are going to be trasladaos to the dog runs that are completely renovating. We look forward to appearing families who can love them, learn them, and change the lives of these animals”, said the Veterinarian.

The Subcommissioner of Police Investigations Eugenia Vivar, explained that together with the Municipality they are giving a course to the power requested by the office of the Prosecutor, “We proceeded to the transfer of the animals to the rehabilitation in this center canine city to later continue with the proceedings of investigation at prosecutor’s office”.

In the next few days will continue to gradually the transfer of the animals to the CEAPA, while the Drive Control of Pests, dependent on the Department of Environmental Hygiene, will work in the fumigation, deratization and sanitization of the place for better welfare of the animals.

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