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COZUMEL, Q. Roo.- Staff of the humane Society of Cozumel runs colonies and suburban areas of Cozumel as part of an information campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of sterilization.

Data provided by Laura of the Source Alcalá, representative of the board of directors of this civil association for the protection of animals, indicates that you will visit two colonies each week to talk with owners of dogs and cats on spay / neuter, vaccines, and practices of owners responsible.

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«There are too many dogs in Cozumel that need help and there are not enough homes for them», he posed.

The entrepreneur explained that after an analysis of the resources for the operation of this center animal shelter found that 60 percent goes to the rescue of dogs and cats while around 30 remain in the sterilization.

It was found that a 60 percent goes to the rescue of dogs and cats.

To reverse this trend is going to restrict the entry of animals to the facilities of the humane Society and only attend when their life is in danger.

The monthly cost of a dog rescued comes to five thousand pesos, and four-thousand-500 in each of the cats, on the understanding that they are subject to food and medical treatment.

Currently sterilize 200 dogs per month but with this strategy it seeks to reach a figure of 400 at a cost of 48 thousand pesos a month so that those who wish to make donations can visit the page of Facebook to get data.

When going to the colonies to talk with the pet owners and give them information about it directly attacks the source of the problem, and with this we will achieve the greatest impact, he said.

Owners irresponsible

The house to house visits will be Monday and Tuesday, where in addition to the information that is given to the people, they shall seek appointment of sterilization which is free and on Tuesday and Wednesday will go for the dogs whose owners have already made appointment.

In the streets of Cozumel where dogs wander aimlessly, despite the fact that have owners, leads to a constant reproduction of what a problem is but this has a cause whose origin is in the owners irresponsible.

According to a report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the number one cause of the problem of stray animals is the human behavior.

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