Three bulldog are stabbed and poisoned in Coahuila … – However

In agreement with the owner of the pet, it is not the first time that undermine their dogs; at Piedras Negras, there is a history that have been punished with jail and cruelty against animals, as in the case of a man who descuartizó a dog of breed Chihuahua, following an incident of family violence, desquitándose with the pet.

Three bulldog are stabbed and poisoned in Coahuila ... - However 1

The dogs would have been stabbed last Sunday night. Photo: Vanguard/Joshua Rodriguez

By Joshua Rodriguez

Mexico city, July 15 (However/avant-Garde). Three dogs of the breed Bulldog that were slaughtered by unknown persons in a shelter, veterinary medical Center’s Wellness Canine city associated deaths with weapon sharp and poisoning, so now shall be the ministerial authority to investigate the facts and give the alleged perpetrators.

After a denunciation of cruelty by the death of the pet, the director of the Center for Animal Welfare, Gerardo Chapa, said that two of the animals, do not exhibit traces of torture, so they probably were poisoned with food that was thrown in the place where they were.

“The other has traces of wounds caused by a weapon sharp, caused by someone who has some resentment with the animals, probably because the dog was loose or caused any damage, or throw out the trash, and dock with the little creature,” he said.

I should clarify that, in accordance with the law and the new municipal bylaws, because it is not allowed that the dogs run loose in the street, because the owners make themselves eligible to a penalty.


He clarified that the Center of Animal Welfare, its function is to respond to citizen complaints of dogs found in the street, either dead by trampling or by any disease or illness, carry out campaigns of sterilization, vaccination.

Every week we collect an average of eight to ten animals that are struck, those who are cremated in a furnace of cremation, with the account of the department.

The Wellness Centre has three Veterinarians that provide services to the community at no cost.

He stressed that they have an ongoing program of adoption of pets that are in street situation, which leads your health care, they are vaccinated and sterilized, and subsequently they are looking for a home where they are given a good deal.

Yesterday, the first case of animal cruelty in what goes of the year, was reported in Piedras Negras for Martin Peña Sánchez, owner of two dogs of the breed Bulldog, who was deprived of life, stabbed to death during the night of last Sunday, acts which were denounced before the Public Ministry.

In agreement with the owner of the pet, with its registered office in colonia Lázaro Cárdenas, this is not the first time that offend against their pets, because, in the past two years, strangers have poisoned five dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to breed more adult, without any reason, because they were not aggressive.

“When there is a law that punishes child abuse and animal cruelty, as I reported the facts to the Public Ministry specialized in investigating the case, and give with the or the alleged perpetrators, because it is not possible that dogs defenseless to be victims of people who do not respect the first leg of a be,” said mr Peña Sánchez.

In Piedras Negras, there is a history that have been punished with jail and cruelty against animals, as in the case of a man who descuartizo a dog of breed Chihuahua, following an incident of family violence, desquitándose with the pet.


Face the facts, societies of animals, demanded the authority to investigate and apply the punishment to the responsible of so recriminables acts, as dogs are slaughtered do not represent any danger.

“We demand the authority to apply the law so reprehensible acts; and there is a law that protects the abuse, and animal cruelty, and we hope that you will investigate and punish this crime,” said the activist, Melba Flowers, of the Association Love Canine.

Also the Foundation Solovino, in the municipality of Nava, who heads Marlen Mosqueda, requested the authority to act with the full weight of the law against the murder of the pets because now there is already a law in Coahuila, which punishes any kind of abuse.

“There is a law, and by such we demand that you investigate and punish these deplorable facts which were recorded in Piedras Negras,” said the president of the Foundation Solovino.

To do this, Fausto Milan Valdespino, of the Foundation Raul Julia, assured that they will be on the lookout for that the Public prosecutor’s office on the investigation on the murder of the two dogs of the breed Bulldog.


Canine Association Malaga

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