Tunuyán banned the marketing and use of fireworks – The Andes (Argentina)

Tunuyán is joined to other departments of the province, and banned the marketing and use of pyrotechnical sound is not authorized in all the territory of the department. The new ordinance seeks to protect the physical integrity of the people and create a sustainable environment, based on respect for the beings that inhabit them.

With the unanimous approval yesterday of the legislation, the city Council of this department valletano resolved to prohibit “the possession, marketing, deposit, and sale to the public, wholesale or retail, and the particular use of any element of pyrotechnics and rocketry”, without having permission of the municipality in all of your local geography.

In its text, the ordinance also provides that in “shows for the entertainment of the population, or the commemoration of special events, only be able to use pyrotechnic materials, soundproofing (cold fireworks)”.

The municipal Executive will be responsible for setting the authority of execution of the standard and its control. However, the selectmen have established that failure to comply will be punished with fines equivalent to amounts ranging from two to twenty-five wage, vital and mobile. In addition, the inspectors shall proceed to closing the commercial premises of ten to ninety days, and forfeiture of the goods in an irregular situation.

The decision of Tunuyán is part of the trend already established by the National Law 20.429 of Weapons and Explosives, and the Provincial Law 8632. In addition, several municipalities in the country took the decision to more strictly prohibit radically the use of fireworks in their territory. Such is the case of Tupungato, which generated controversy by having these new requirements near the End of Year Holidays, in the past 2016.

The project was presented by a group of young tunuyaninos in the framework of the Volunteer Program Legislative 2016, which seeks to generate a space of citizen participation in the local CD-rom.

“It is positive that the neighbors are involved with the themes that make to the welfare and development of the department,” said councilmember radical, Paulo Gonzalez, who noted that the legislation was designed by request and thanks to the important contribution of the protective association of animals from Tunuyán “By the dogs of the square”.

Jael Palma, referring to the organization, drew attention to the effects that explosives and these noises have on pets “are diverse and of different intensity and gravity”.

“Domestic animals can feel fear and flee, they may be victims of accidents or stray, as well as run behind the explosives by simple curiosity being able to eat, loss of sight or injury. The birds react to loud noises with tachycardia that can cause death”, and claimed from the entity.

The ordinance will seek to avoid the expenditure on regularization and inspection, that the municipality faces to try to alleviate the negative effects generated by the use and marketing of explosives, especially at the end of the year.

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