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The construction of the twelfth line of the network of metropolitan in the city is presented as a news story that would benefit the entire system in mention, as well as the mobility on the part of the population of the altered city of mexico. But something in the way caused his desviamiento, an alteration of the routing of the rails in one or several tranches caused havoc which resulted in the nullity of the normal commute everyday. That already makes several storms. Gone are the increases, the evasions of payment, the torments caused by the protests to the personal bloating.

A few weeks ago a gesture of kindness, makes it less time an act negligent.

But what of turns gives life! How many transformations that are worked out in such a limited period of time. Suddenly it jumps from one room to the other, the scenes alternate between yes, they are changing the levels, the demonstrations to an end. A duality prevails, will grow with the wait, the secret is to plunge it into the mat with no conscience, with misery, in disbelief not accept the tragedy, stick the head on the floor, the whip, sharpened spears and the hammer into the chest of the one who observes. So it is here. “Cover the sun with one finger”. I can’t imagine how maddening it must be to live a constant lie, to give the face without truth, in other words, without run. It is true that emphasizes the evil and not the glory, but to speak of a well, you need to know the obstacles drawn, the sense that dan, his own qualitative capacity.

While some drown, others wag happily queue

Recently, some users have found themselves on the brink of crisis, trapped within a tunnel of the line rose to the #Metro ‘s #CDMX very close to the station Juanacatlán. It all started with a train stopped, smoke started to come out of nowhere, the passengers in the cars affected had to be thrown to the ground, men, women and children in danger of damning, the authorities away from the conflict, the prison’s well-being. They spent tens of minutes without any help arrived, the situation was strange and terrifying, the children were crying and their mothers trying to comfort them, it was impossible to breathe with calm, a forward forced the trapped to find a way out, the doors of the wagons were open, windows and no more, yet they decided to wait a little bit more there are involved, and the choking smoke was able to run through the dark tunnel freely. None wanted to be first to jump on the tracks, the electricity of the same by a factor of fear that was brutally.

There appeared a body of support, security, or informational, then the expected without protective presence close by, a couple of brave men threw into the unknown, their reasons are: the distrust, the delay of the competent authorities, the possible resolution of the case and to give salvation to those present at this spooky event, limiting the advance of the path of transport in general.

So, disgruntled and seasick by the item is sucked, formed a row that I climbed up to the platform, slow step, derailed, the rails were drawn and luckily, no one was hurt, shock, fainting, and alterations cause of the event, but what if they had not been able to go out? At what point someone would be to lend a helping hand? Days after the leaders indicated they gave faith and legality that they took the necessary measures according to the protocol… the truth is another.

When the toxic smoke queen under our feet, the barking sound

Dogs that are removed from the street by a soul, a charity that enjoys the support, this time has been the same instance causing various ills and walks ungrateful to several residents and inhabitants of the area conurbated. The Metro of Mexico City, has promoted a new task that I wish I was not in experiment forgotten with the passing of the years. An action is pleasing that it has to be stressed, hopefully more instances enfilaran in the same struggle, the targeting of a specific production or service to those most in need, animals and humans, at the end, all converge on the same site, sometimes thankless, sometimes blessed.

However, the collection not is for all the dogs coming from exactly, but for those that are rescued in the premises of the collective transport system, and will be forwarded to this Transfer Center Canine to try to give them in adoption to a family, the owner responsible. The capacity is for about 100 animals. It is located on Avenue of the Cultures s/n, El Rosario, in front of the station of the Metrobús College Graduates 1, in the delegation Azcapotzalco. To learn more about the dogs kept, in the form of adoption, it is easy to get close to this center and request information, in addition to be able to enter in direct contact with the puppies, as well as through the use of internet, by logging on to the website of STC (sistema de transporte Colectivo).

Several animals have been taken out of all danger after walking aimlessly for stairs, landfills, taco shop, sidewalks, and even roads that served as shelter. More actions like this are necessary, contribute to the ideal of adoption at time of purchase. #CentrodeRescate

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