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The Protective Equine Mendoza, and Small Animals (PEMPA) has until the end of the year to find a new field to accommodate about 40 horses that they have rescued from abuse. The association has charge of the «corral»State of the Great Mendoza, and looking to the provincial government to grant them a land tax in Guaymallén to be able to continue with your activity.

PEMPA is a for-profit entity that survives thanks to donations. From two years ago used a private property that he was hired on a temporary basis. But his owners have another destination to the place and ordered to evict you.

The horses have to be moved before the end of the year.

In the corral located in the district of Fray Luis Beltran, Maipu, home to the animals that are kidnapped by the Rural Police because they were found in bad conditions, lost or were stolen. The 80% comes due to the abuse of the carreteleros: malnourished, injured by the rustic straps and with the legs destroyed by the overload.

Therefore, initiated the efforts to get the government done, or at lease a plot of land located in Silvano Rodriguez and the Italians, Km 8, Guaymallen. The place has the necessary requirements to perform the tasks of rehabilitation of the equine as well as also include other activities such as therapeutic riding.

PEMPA seeking that the government will give land in Guaymallén.

The volunteers of the entity seeking to raise a proposal to the Senate to be able to be done with the land that will have to count on the enabling of the municipality at the front of Marcelino Iglesias. In a letter, urged the governor Alfredo Cornejo and explain the situation they are in. In addition, append the support of the Directorate of animal Husbandry.

«We appeal to the goodwill of the government for the approval of the terrain of Guaymallén, as they do not receive any subsidy from the State, it is impossible to afford the expenses. It is our intent that the State can participate in the development of our activity, in collaboration with various health agencies of the province», pointed out Jerome Allende, president of PEMPA, who explained that they have the support of the residents of the area who signed a petition.

To feed and buy medicine for horses need on a weekly basis over $8,000. The financial support is achieved thanks to the solidarity of the people, who in addition to money you donate bales of grass, pellets and carrots.

The volunteer explained that, «in addition to being time trial for the approval, we need time to start working on the place. But, sadly, the only association for the protection of horses in Mendoza is going to disappear.»

Thomas is in charge of the animals during the week.

The municipality of Maipú gave them a land of their own which may not be today use because they need close to $300,000 pesos to put it in conditions. This includes making the closure edge, a well for water, the installation of the light, assemble the pens, and build a house for the caretaker.

Thomas, who is in the care of the animals during the week, expressed his discomfort with the situation PEMPA as he recounted the history of horses and how they had come to the campus.

«The one thing we have had to be hung in a harness so that he could recover his legs, he now walks. Are more faithful than dogs. When they come the young people go crazy. If they move I’m not going to be able to go because I have my home here, in Beltrán,» he said with regret.

From the Association hope that the Government of Mendoza listen to them and give them a solution before the end of the year. The fate of the horses is uncertain. Usually, those that are in good condition and they come by the Rural Police, they are going to auction by law of animal husbandry. In the meantime, very few are offered for adoption to responsible to change bale of grass and with the premise that they are not used for forced labor or to be sold.

How to collaborate

Approaching the headquarters of PEMPA, July 9, 3041 City. By contacting Jerome to 261-5263937. Or to the Bank Account where donations: Bank of the Nation Argentina Has No 6361111812 CBU 0110636330063611118129 CUIT 27-13998085-4

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