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OLIVE – Project in the Science Fair Zonal

Students of the School General Belgrano working in responsible pet ownership. Lead your investigation and proposal to the instance that will be developed in Pampayasta Sud

THE official chat with the guys

Students in the second grade of the General School Manuel Belgrano of the city of Olive, have done a research project on responsible pet ownership in their school environment.

On the 1st of September he will present at the Science Fair Zone, in the town of Pampayasta Sud.

During the course of the investigation carried out various activities, which contemplated the realization of surveys to the students of first and third grade of the educational center, with the purpose of inquiring about their habits on responsible ownership and care towards the pets.

In addition, they received the visit of the veterinarian Juan Carlos Giaccomuzzi, who performs his duties in the Municipality olivense and in the Protective Association of Animals Olive (APAO).

Also visited the officer of the Police of the Province, Stephen Puyó, who spoke to them of the National Law 14.346, on the protection of animals.

On the other hand, with the professor Clidis Roman, in Technology, built palitas to collect; stool next to her and to their respective families, stamped t-shirts with the name and the logo of the project.

Print the t-shirts of the project

Many contributions

The authors of the project and teacher in charge pointed out that the local Municipality sponsored leaflets and posters for the beds, that the children themselves were designed, containing tips on responsible ownership and care towards the pets.

In the same sense, the fathers of the Association of Cooperative School also gave its support to “Traces responsible”, doing build posters to place in the income to the school.

The students disseminated the Project at your educational institution and on the Initial Level of Manuel Belgrano, by means of lectures, handouts and projecting a video where they themselves were the protagonists.

A second of “Footprints responsible” - the Journal of The South of Cordoba 1

The visit to the vet

To know

As a closing activity, carried out an Awareness Campaign on the issue, the last week of the month of August, in the plaza of the Bicentennial of Independence. There delivered palitas to collect stool, balanced food for dogs and brochures.

As a projection, will continue with the campaign in different places and schools of the town olivense, announced.

And finally, was invited to reflect: “The most important thing in our lives is not measured by the time that it lasts, but by the traces that it leaves us”.

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