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When two cats meet for the first time, everything is possible. Perhaps they are drawn to each other purring, perhaps they will sniff each other and each one follows after©s to his or perhaps they, and this is also©n is possible, take out the uñas.

This Last opciÃ3n is the worst for those who want to have a second cat at home. However, there are things that can be done to reduce the risk of two cats that you just know is enzarcen in fights.

For a long time it was said is that cats are solitary animals, and for that you need to avoid any attempt of that the two cats become best friends.

However, this afirmaciÃ3n has already been disproved. The cats have more skills and social wants of what is asumÃa.

Cats groom each other and play together. And when the owner is on a trip for a few days and have only visit when alguie going to give them to eat, they are not bored because they are made companions Company together.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all cats will go to like another. «It is known that there are large differences,» says Elke Deininger, of the Academy for ProtecciÃ3n Animal German.

It has not been clarified even by hell there are cats that are understood to be great with other congéneres and what others do not. «There are components generic prescription©ticos and also has to do with their first weeks of life», year ade.

It has been seen, for example, that cats who have positive experiences with other cats beyond of the mother in the first weeks of life, subsequently relate well with other cats.

However, on many occasions, the owner of a cat does not know which one is the history of the animal prior to the time the llegÃ3 home. And also you can desentrañar the generic prescription©tica of the feline.

It sometimes happens that there is no more¡s opciÃ3n that you take home a second cat because one finds by the street, or because their owner has died.

Whoever is not in one of those two situations, and it can take time and dedicaciÃ3n to find the second cat should be guided by the age, advises Nadja Kutscher, the organizaciÃ3n for the protection of animals Peta.

If the animal you have at home has some years but is not yet very old, it is best to bring home another much more youthful or much greater.

Many times, a cat of middle-age leads also well, according to Dininger, with one that has as much a couple of months.

«She’s still a puppy and not generate aggressive behaviors,» she says.

For a cat much larger, soluciÃ3n definitely not a cat is very young because the old man is going to be overwhelmed by the energy of the young and, though they carry well, they’re not going to be able to do a lot together.

Also the sex of the cat can steer a little. «Usually works combinaciÃ3n de-cat and cat», indicates Nadja Kutscher. But, obviously, this is not a hundred percent sure.

Also two males can be friends, and the same thing happens with females, which are usually more difficult to undertake together.

To know the previous history of the cat that appreciated to take home is a positive one. If the cat has had one owner until now, this will be able to tell whether you have had contact with other congéneres and cÃ3mo has been with them.

If the cat is an animal shelter, it is important to ask to the workers, since there, in general, there are cats that are together, and the staff there will be seen what relationships there were between them.

Before you put together at home to two cats, you have to make sure that both dispondrán both places of withdrawal. Even when two cats get on well together, many times want to be alone. And it is possible that you don’t like sharing a sandbox and trough.

You have to let things go on flowing. «And there will be bufidos and a hit, but so are the things», warns Kutscher.

If everything goes really bad, you will see soon in the form of threats to and like grumpy±gone and approaches with the legs extremely stretched and heavy blows with them.

If that happens, the owner should separate the animals. If the new cat has come from a shelter, usually there sabrán understand it. «You know that doesn’t always work», signals Kutcher.


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