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Joe Howlett, a fisherman in 59 years that has helped save a great number of whales in danger after they are rolled up in the nets of fishermen died just after saving one of them.

Howlett, of Canada, joined a mission on Monday to rescue a north atlantic right whale that had become trapped between ropes, as published by the newspaper The Guardian. The fisherman was one of their liberators, but just after the man was hit by the animal, as confirmed by Macke Green, Campobello Whale Rescue Team. «They managed to remove all the ropes from the whale, and then something weird happened, and the whale turned around», as he told Canadian Press. Currently, there are about 525 examples of this type of whale that lives on the east coast of the united States and Canada and can measure up to 50 feet (about 16 meters).


It was not the first time that the deceased was going on a mission like this. In fact, had already helped to free up approximately 20 of these animals during the past 15 years.

In fact, I had recently performed a similar operation in the same region, although in this case the animal had a fishing line in its mouth.

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When these animals were found entangled in nets or ropes, does not have a great capacity to move, said Jerry Conway, a director of the Campobello Whale Rescue Team. This is why a boat can hacercarse and rescuers can work with some ease. But as soon as the animal is free, the boat must move back immediately because the whales begin to move immediately.

«Joe, without a doubt, I would not want that we stop doing this,» said Green, who went with Howlett to the project to assist these mammals in 2002. «This is something that I loved and there’s no better feeling than having a whale unraveling, and I know how good that is felt after the release of this whale,» he added.


In an interview published in 2013 by CBC Mainstreeet held that the rescue of whales «is not a situation that’s scary». «I am a fisherman and have been fishing half my life, and I know all about ropes and things like that,» he added.

The death of Howlett occurs after seven whales these whales died last month. A project with marine biologists and scientists, among others, has been launched to understand and to his death.

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