A pack of loose scares the neighbors of Allen – Río Negro Newspaper

A pack loose in public is frightening to the neighbors of Allen. The dogs have attacked many people and some already in or pass by Avenida Eva Perón to prevent bites. From the municipality indicated that they could not act because the animals have an owner.

“I bite when I was going on bike and if it had not been for a taxi driver that crossed the car to the dogs I let go, I tear off the leg.” Monica Chandía is one of the many victims of the pack that Allen became a danger to the community. Three months ago, when I was going to work, the dogs attacked and suffered injury in his leg that he had to go to the hospital ward. “The doctors told me to rest but I couldn’t because I had to work. I went to the municipality, I made the complaint in the police station and nothing happened because the dogs continued to bite the people. If you don’t take the dogs this is going to pass something worse”, he said.

In the last hours, the canes came back to bite another woman, and the anger exploded on social networks and on the radio stations of the city. Yanina Pellegrini, in charge of the Secretariat of Government of the commune, he noted that from the township, nothing can be done because the dogs have an owner: a woman who could not even make contact with the inspectors because – she said – when you came “I moved the dogs” and had to check out of the home of the Avenue of Freedom.

“Nor can we disengage from the topic because this can go higher if the dogs bite someone, baby. We are going to ask, through the Police, that Justice is dispensed. At the police station, there are many allegations (…) dogs have an owner and we can not enter the property in which they are”, he added.

To address the problem, Pellegrini said that since the Government is starting to work on a draft ordinance for submission to the city Council, that regulates the responsible ownership of animals and set fines for violators. Susan Michetti, member of the Association for the protection of Animals, said that the institution does what is within their reach, with the few resources it has.

Yesterday from the Protective were processed before the prosecutor, Laura Olea, a court order to enter the patio of the house in question and to withdraw at least two of the dogs more dangerous to take them to a farm. “Always prioritize people, and we deeply regret what is happening. It is difficult because we can not grab the animals and when we try to get into the courtyard of the house of the woman, that is not good” said Michetti.


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