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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 – 15:17 hs.

The furniture exhibited at the little pony a year and a half and purebred Falabella -due to the last name of the breeder – for a day, and users of social networks such as Twitter and protectors of animals denounced the site for animal abuse after which he was transferred to a field in the Pillar (where you live), on Monday night.

The local is located in Serrano and Niceto Vega, on the buenos aires neighborhood of Palermo. Their owners were exposed to the animal as an attraction, which drew the attention of animal advocates.

A neighbor of the place was able to take photos with the pony, and denounced the fact on the Internet, besides pointing out that the equine was in the sun, without water or food.

For its part, Evaristo Falabella, the owner of Tuco, as it is called the pony, said the channel America, «the people complained without knowing. The horse lives in a field. The idea was that all the days of the week they were there only between 14 and 19 to entertain the boys of the neighborhood». And he added that he had food and water.

The protective of animals made a formal complaint at the office of the prosecutor of the Commune 14, located in the City of Buenos Aires. The prosecutor ordered the intervention of control bodies to verify the operating conditions of the trade, as well as the documentation of Tuco, their origin and veterinary controls, ordered a battery of measures of evidence of the case which is brought forward by the Prosecutor’s Unit Specializing in Environmental Matters (UFEMA) in charge of the prosecutor Matthias Michienzi, who received the complaint of residents of the neighborhood of Palermo and members of NGOS yesterday evening.

In addition, the prosecutor ordered the Police of the City to initiate proceedings to the owner of the trade and the owner of the horse for the violation of article 2 in subsection “1” , and the article 3 paragraph “7” of the Law 14346. And the prosecutor ordered the transfer of the pony to prevent them from continuing the acts of abuse and/or animal cruelty, to which he was being subjected, and to verify its state of health by a veterinarian of the Police.

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