An old friendship of thousands of years between the dog and human –

This weekend is intended to celebrate man’s best friend. Yesterday July 22nd was commemorated the day of the dog in our country, and that’s why, today in Love Animal we will talk about the support that have given the can to the man during the history of mankind.

Different texts point out that the can is a descendant of the gray wolf. It has been proven that there was a relationship between man and wolf was recorded more than 10 thousand years. This animal has been domesticated, and therefore changed his behavior, also recorded changes in the skeleton, and aspects such as their ears, their color and the eyes.

According to the veterinarian zooctenista Jose Luis Contreras, the start of the relationship dog-human was from “these formed part of the early hunting groups and here the groups of wolves, coyotes, that were close to the man during the activity of hunting, they began to feed on the remains that these left, becoming more and more human settlements up to stay with them and become the guards aid and home protectors”.

He also spoke regarding the appearance of the dog in Mexico. Told that “the dog is a friend who has been accompanying you since thousands of years ago. Traces archaeological oldest in America are found in the cueva del Tecolote in Puebla, mexico that dates back about five thousand years ago which proves that the dog and the man has had synergy”.

The doctor says that the dog was one of the four animals that were able to become tame in the americas, in addition to the turkey, the llama and the guanaco. Even, the relationship Dog-Human in the West of Mexico, has records from the mesoamerican world.

The dog appeared in the states of Jalisco, Colima and Nayarit in the middle preclassic. Subsequently, the relationship was moved up to the “beyond,” and the canes became the companion of a human for the death.

The tombs of shot are a history of such closeness. In these niches were found pieces that depict hairless dogs. Also, were located the bodies of these animals that were sacrificed to fungieran as a tour guide for the dead.

Full in 2017, the relationship between this animal and humans has been strengthened, and we begin to create the culture of animal care, however, there are also situations in which it denounces the mistreatment of dogs and their presence in large amount in the streets of the city.

The creation of dependencies in municipalities, the approval of a law protective of the animals, health campaigns, the opening up of spaces led to the animals as the parks are canines, and the activity of associations in favour of the animals of company are new ways to keep the relationship between dogs and people.


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