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«Wildlife at Home what you are looking for is to help all the animal protectors to facilitate the trámite of adoptions and increase your volume,» says its creator Iyad Megdadi, information technology, tico 31-year±os.

«This project aims to be a digital platform, active since march of this year, in which any protective, asociaciÃ3n or kennel [now participate 40] to be able to register and upload ads free with the data of each pet waiting to be adopted [descripciÃ3n, photos, videos, features, details adopciÃ3n, contact details] in such a way that each pet has a full record and the potential adopters have all the informaciÃ3n, and contact data in a simple way, accessible and first hand,» explains Megdadi.

Animals at Home covers all kinds of pets pet©features. At the same time, the platform has other types of listings and categories to accommodate the professionals from the world of pets: veterinarians, trainers, locations, events…

The business model is based on advertising. «To appear in the listings professionals is necessary to pay a fee,» says Megdadi. «In the future I have thought that the platform should have a space for sale of products for animals and a blog of news related to this áfield», he concludes.


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