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Rio Grande.- After that the protective association of animals Help the Pilgrim has closed its doors, due to lack of support of the municipal authorities, the Sanitary Jurisdiction 4 of the Rio Grande, urged the mayor the installation of a control center and canine to avoid risks in the municipal public health. Urge to create center of canine control on the Rio Grande - NTR Zacatecas .com 1

José Manuel Saucedo Almaraz, epidemiologist court, reported that in the municipality there are too many dogs that do not have a responsible owner, so that has caused a public health problem, due to defecating in the street and transmit diseases.

In addition to this situation, the health of the dogs is not optimal, since in many cases they have ticks or other parasites, so they become potential transmitters of the rabies, because they are bitten by wild animals or savages. “That’s why you have to think of a centre of dog control and prevent these things.”

He said that the proposal of the construction of a control center and canine, was raised to the municipal authorities, who will review the practicality of the work.

“We know that is an ambitious project, since stray dogs are a public health problem by the diseases that these animals transmit. That is why the importance of having a control center and canine that meets the specific guidelines on where you can accommodate the dogs and give a certain time to see if they are adopted, and if not would be killed”.

There are other options of dog control, such as sterilization of pets, which would be realized in the same control center canine.

“These actions are with respect to associations that protect animals, but there are specific guidelines where the stray dogs must have a space where you arrive and if there is not an adoption, because these are sacrificed”, he stressed.

He emphasized that the program of zoonoses are handled two items; the first, consisting of combat brucellosis and one more against rabies.

“We seek the elimination by human sacrifice of those dogs that were run over or who are in terminal stage and no longer have a good quality of life. For the monitoring of virus rabies vaccines are chosen some stray dogs to see if it is circulating the virus,” he concluded.

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