Urged to regulate sale of animals on the internet: Torres Palomino – The Sun of Toluca (press Release)

Even as it has grown the culture of adopting dogs, it is necessary to redefine the law since the sale of animals over the internet is not regulated and is a platform where there is a high demand, noted the humane independent, Bathsheba Torres Palomino.

In an interview, the activist pointed out that they are several pages and sites on the web, as well as the accounts of Facebook where they sold dogs and other species, which is a problem for those who acquire a pet because there is a risk of abandonment.

Indicated that at not be given precise characteristics of the breed and state of health of the animal through the means of contact, in some sense it plays with the people interested.

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Torres Palomino urged to amend the legislation in force in the State of Mexico, which refers to the Code of the Biodiversity state, in order to restrict the marketing of animals, the fact of acquiring them via the internet leaves the door open for the people who receive it through that medium, are the target of irregularities.

He emphasized that the most common problems are that the type of race, which does not correspond to what is displayed via the social network or give them a primer simulated where apparently the dog is healthy, but the passage of time sick.

Therefore, he said, to the failure to comply with this, the owners choose to abandon them on public roads or do not serve them as they deserve until they die or their state of health gets worse and is as well as come to shelters, veterinary or other care facilities canine.

It is a delicate matter because buyers have no assurance of your pet who claim or question, the lack of a physical place where they can cloak themselves as consumers.

He acknowledged that the adoption of the dog has grown, which is positive, but it is not enough because there are still puppies or copies without a home that need a family.

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