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Tehuacan, Pue.- The deputy local and owner of the “Club of the little,” Sergio Gómez Olivier, you must inform the citizenship about the progress of the new zoo, said the president of the association of animal care CT, Benito Flores Pelayo.

He mentioned that if the project will be financed with resources from the state government there should be greater transparency, and that if they are private, you must start as soon as possible the construction of the property.

Also, he said that there is interest from different people in the close space, but they should also consider what would be the fate of the animals, because it is not easy to meet the costs of representing them with a medical supervision and food adequate.

Although Flores Pelayo said he has not visited that space, nor has any intention of doing so, you have observed in videos that the cages are small and require a larger space for its development.

Finally, he reiterated that it will be the Federal Attorney general for Environmental Protection (Profepa) the instance that you value and consider if the new zoo complies with the technical specifications, or if we should adapt different spaces.

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