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Uruapan, Michoacán.- Does not respond to the society to the problem of dogs on the street, since citizens are not responsible of their pets and participate in activities to make it less cruel for the existence of dogs and cats.

So got to know members of the civil association, Canine Uruapan, a group that has 30 ready puppies rescued, of various ages and sizes to give them in adoption; five cats and the lack of resources to maintain them.

With only three members, this organization keeps pets in homes of foster care, waiting to find them a permanent home. While both are responsible for their food, health and sterilization to prevent unwanted litters that will be aimed at the street, the abuse and suffering.

Caninos de Uruapan AC tiene 30 listos para darlos en adopción y carece de recursos para mantenerlos

Canine Uruapan AC has 30 ready to give them in adoption and the lack of resources to keep them
(Photo: Greece Ponce)

Canine Uruapan works in favor of the furry from the 7th of October, 2012, and its members commented that while the cats are given up for adoption, responsible rapidly, because it finds a home in a week or 15 days, with the dogs is more difficult.

Especially with the dogs of large size or mestizos, because, regret, a large part of the people are racist and want dogs of light color and of the so-called race.

They deplored that in developed countries people take off to ride with pride their mongrel dogs, whereas here the people confined to the rooftops. Also explained that they have lived scary stories of rescued dogs that their owners have kept it 30 days without eating.

They explained that the situation of the association is critical, since for each dog will spend about 300 pesos a month on food, so in place of rescue are dedicating themselves now to campaigns of sterilization to avoid a repeat.

For this they have the support of the veterinarian, Caesar Herrera, who with the techniques of the first quality, only charge the material.

Also got to know that many people think that it is the obligation of the association civil rescue litters or animals, and are limited solely to report on, so they asked the society to get involved and support sterilizing to prevent the problem to grow.

In addition they noted that those who wish to support this work, you can go with croquettes or a strap, to the collection center which is located in Isaac Arriaga and Aquiles Serdán, with Paty Toral.

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