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The Veterinary Hospital of the Universidad del Valle de México realizÃ3 his first day of esterilizaciÃ3n with the campaign #Al100 cares and loves you with all of your being, to sterilize 100 dogs and cats in situaciÃ3n street, from nine animal protectors of the City of México, which are coordinated by the FundaciÃ3n Humane Society International.

The day of esterilizaciÃ3n was opened by the Executive Director of Humane Society International, Lic Anton Aguilar, an assistant solicitor of ProtecciÃ3n Ambiental of the city of México, Lic Leticia MejÃa Hernández, the vice-chancellor of National Health and UVM, Dr. Simone Sato, the Executive Director of the Veterinary Hospital at UVM, Mtra. Claudia Jamaica, and the Director of the FundaciÃ3n Laureate, Dr. Carlos Barber Kuri.

During the start of the day esterilizaciÃ3n the Mtra. Claudia Jamaica, explicÃ3 that it is the first day of esterilizaciÃ3n derived from the campaign to #Al100 cares and loves you with all of your being, carried out by The Universidad del Valle de México.

During two days, will be sterilized 50 dogs in the first day and 50 cats on the second day. The cirugÃas began at 8 of the mañana with a protocol physician while ensuring the safety of every one of the patients, who you will be returned to their shelters today in the afternoon waiting to be adopted he said the Mtra. Jamaica.

In the meantime, the Lic Leticia MejÃa Hernández, an assistant solicitor of ProtecciÃ3n Ambiental of the city of México, explained that the ProcuradurÃa Environmental and Territorial Ordering of the D. F. (PAOT), received citizen complaints about animal abuse so that the work that is performed in conjunction with UVM and with the FundaciÃ3n Humane Society International is to link to the protectors of animals with both institutions to meet these animals who are mistreated or in situaciÃ3n street in order to ensure their well-being.

For his part, Dr. Simone Sato manifestÃ3 that this program has gone beyond to embrace the dogs of the street, it is a program atenciÃ3n integral that consists of the rescue, atenciÃ3n mémedical care and adopciÃ3n, this ensures the well-being of each one of them, in addition to the relevance that it has in the health public to contribute in the disminuciÃ3n of dogs on the street.

During the tour in quirÃ3fanos Dr. Antonio RuÃz Swirling, Director of the Veterinary Hospital explicÃ3 that the animals that will be operated on them realizÃ3 a revisiÃ3n pre-to develop a tab mémedical care of each patient. The procedure consists in preparaciÃ3n of 10 minutes where done cleaning and anesthesia, are subsequently taken to surgery, which has a duraciÃ3n 20 minutes and, finally, they are channeled to the área de recuperaciÃ3n, where the time estimate is 2 hours.

The campaign to promote the adopciÃ3n of these animals is llevará a cabo through the page on Facebook UVM, where publicarà a photograph and general information, such as race, weight, age, and phone of the protective shielding of each of these animals, » said Executive Director of the Veterinary Hospital at UVM.


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