Vaccination campaign against rabies reached more than 50 thousand hounds – The Country in line

The day this Sunday was conducted throughout the national territory in a Campaign of Rabies Vaccination. To do this in Tarija, was present the deputy minister of Health and Promotion, Álvaro Terraces Peláez, who made the official opening of the campaign at a ceremony in the Parque Bolivar.

The National Government, in coordination with the governorates and municipalities of the country made this Sunday a vaccination campaign in several departments of the country, but that was inaugurated in Tarija.
In the act were present, the deputy minister of Health and Promotion, Álvaro Terraces; the technical director of the Departmental Service of Greet (Locations) Tarija, Paul Castellanos, the director of Health of the Municipality, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, president of the Association of Municipalities of Tarija (AMT), Álvaro Ruiz; and the president of the departmental Assembly, Sara Armella, and the president of the Brigade in parliament, Sonia Condori.
In the opening, Castellanos recalled that lately were registered in the country cases of canine rabies, and as a consequence moved more than 400 brigades throughout the city. “I believe that together we are all going to be part of improving the Health indicators in the department,” said the director of the Headquarters.
Similarly, the assemblyman Armella, spoke about the importance of caring for pets as part of not only a responsibility, institutional or governmental, but primarily of the individual, the society and the population as a whole, to avoid as much the rage as the street situation for the canes.

Preventive vaccination
The deputy minister Terraces stressed that the epidemic of rabies now affects Oruro, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, where we did intensive vaccination campaigns, has not come to Tarija. Also, referred to the sad case of the girl in Santa Cruz who died of rabies after being infected, rescuing dogs stray and them new home. “That is why it is very important to the vaccination as an element of prevention by excellence, because there is no other better thing that you can do before you trigger the damage,” said Terraces.
Also, reported that the vaccine CRL that is being administered is produced by the National Institute of Laboratories, so that the cost of these is lower than if it had to acquire from overseas. In addition, he announced that soon they will develop the technology needed to produce anti-rabies cell, which protects more effectively and for a longer time.
Terraces urged the population to comply with the scheme to vaccinate four times in his first year with the cubs and then once every year, since most of the rabies cases observed were under the age of two years.
As reported at the end of the day the director of Health of the Municipality, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, came to vaccinate 50 thousand dogs in the first day of the campaign and is scheduled to make a rakes in the neighborhoods in peri-urban and it is rural for two weeks to be able to achieve the goal of 65 thousand vaccines.

Deployed more than 400 brigades of vaccination

For this campaign we distributed more than 2.5 million doses of rabies vaccine, which had an investment of 6.2 million bolivians. For Tarija, the investment was of more than 195 thousand bolivians with 145 thousand doses that are deployed in over 400 brigades in the city and more than 1200 in the entire department.
In Tarija, so far this year have had five cases of canine rabies, while the national level, more than 350 cases, most of them concentrated in Santa Cruz.

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