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August 19, 2017 – 01:47 According to the coordinates indicated from the CIF, the rescuers were moved up to find the body.

About 100 days demanded the search for Paola Alvarez. At that time the Search and Rescue Group of Jumps, dependent of the Civil Association School Canine Catastrophe (ACCEC), had his valuable interference in one of the most famous cases in the province. The disappearance of the young woman of 21 years created an enormous uncertainty. Since Monday the group salteño search and rescue delimited the area in The Boiler where it was found the body which they hope will confirm scientifically the of the young mother.

Before the intervention of professionals, salta had worked on the search for the staff of the ACCEC, along with their canes, who came from Buenos Aires to rake near the barrio Autódromo, where the last saw the victim next to the main suspects: Santiago Zambrani. Then «there was a meeting with different areas of investigation, and the prosecutor is very willing to listen to opinions and suggestions, we were invited to participate in the search. We should do a planning to determine tracking points and that’s what we did,» he said to The chief Captain John Abán, in charge of the Search party with a seat in Salta.

On the basis of the information provided by the prosecutor of the cause, Ramiro Ramos Ossorio, John, its people and the rest of the researchers studied the possibilities where it could have been the cell phone used by the defendant. They were taking deductions, and by drawing places, «of the cornice was one of them,» said Abán. It is an area where they found the suspected body of Alvarez, where there is no phone signal, just leaving the dique Campo Alegre you can find some interference.

«According to previous analysis, on the basis of cartographic studies, and of another type, it is a place according to a situation such as that presented itself. A path is thin, with sectors without platabanda virtually and have large cliffs ranging from 10 meters up to 100 or even 150 feet high,» said John Abán. Since Monday they started the search in the 30 km. «There were sectors where you could get down with dogs and what we did, others not,» he said.

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