See wrongful death in attack on girl in Coyoacán – 24-hours

The responsible of a dog pitbull being sucked out of the life of a girl of three years old, in the delegation of Coyoacan, is the owner of the animal, he accused Erwin Alonso Martínez, president of the Asociación Mexicana de Pit Bull Terrier Americano in Mexico City.

“I fincaría, as a lawyer that I am, the responsibility of wrongful death of the owner of the dogs. He must investigate. With what purpose had to be confined to a rooftop, how it came out and, even so, there is total liability by omission”, he highlighted during an interview with 24 HOURS.

Alonso is a doctor in Law Specialized in Ciminología and director of the “Club of Dog Training “The Eagles”, with 20 years of experience in the training of pitbull, and stressed that the problem is not the dog breed, but who owns pets.

“The pit bull can coexist with the human beings. The attacks are given that the dogs get to be subjected , and it is not characteristic of a specific race. From the moment that one exercises the right of owning a pet, should have the obligation, ethics, and social, give education, give trainings and care,” she said.

Asked not to demonize this type of race and he was against that they use muzzles, because it generates discomfort to the animals and affect their behavior. On the contrary, spoke in support of campaigns of awareness on the responsibility of having a dog, on the rights and the care of the animals, as well as tips on how to get them out to the public and how to be a good neighbor with pets.

Tutoring for pets is the human

Separately, Xavier López Adame, a member of the Environmentalist Green Party (PVEM) in the Legislative Assembly of the CDMX, agreed that the attack on the child was the product of a default human. Even, he announced that he would ask the Attorney General’s office to act against the owner by a matter of omission culpable.

In a separate interview, he recalled that humans are the guardians responsible for the prevention and acts that commit their pets.


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