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After the application of the civil society protective of animals, the state’s governor, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, announced Saturday that he will veto the reform Law that allows the conduct of cockfights and vaquilladas.

\»I am really very happy to announce today, that I will veto the Law that allows in Veracruz cockfighting and the vaquilladas\».

The representative said that since the approval of the amendment to the Law on the Protection of Animals, in the state of Veracruz, made in the Congress of the state on the 25th of July, by 25 members, which allows the celebration of vaquilladas and cockfighting, we generated a strong controversy in the society.

And is that the last 31 July, civil society organizations protecting the rights of animals, as well as protective, independent, handed out a trade, signed, to the governor Yunes Linares, asking him to exercise his power of veto over the Reform to the Law that meant, they pointed out, \»a throwback of decades in the matter of animal protection;an embarrassment for Veracruz to encourage performances of torture to the animals, the exacerbated violence which we suffer; and a failure of the governor to the promise made in the campaign, to ensure the well-being of the animals\».

\»A democratic government like ours, has the obligation to listen to the society. You have the obligation to take note of the views of the citizens\».

The governor Miguel Angel Yunes Linares emphasized that the topic generated a strong controversy, because on the one hand, a sector of the society points out that the fights of roosters, in particular, are part of a tradition, and the same in the case of the vaquilladas. On the other hand, a large sector of the society has been manifested against those activities, pointing out that beyond the traditions is the respect for animals, nature and the environment from which the animals form a substantive part.

\»The Governor took the decision to listen. A democratic government first listens to, values, weights, balances, and decision-making. I have heard the voice of the one and the other. I have my own opinion and I do know, but it is not my opinion, that should determine a decision that is relevant as this. It has to be the opinion of the society\».


Yunes Linares, said that the State Congress is acting with absolute autonomy, and therefore is not subject to the decisions of the executive.

And is that the organizations in defense of animals pointed out, in his time, that the proposal to approve the performance of vaquilladas and cock fights, made by the deputy local BREAD, Daniel Olmos, was prompted by the representative who put forward the turn to inaugurate the festivities of Mexico, that would have vaquillada because the governor said so.

But the state executive, reiterated to have all the positions and pointed out that the state Congress, having approved the conduct of cockfights and vaquilladas, \»he took a step back in animal protection.

\»The state’s governor, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, after you listen, ponder, evaluate, today, has taken the decision to veto the amendments to the Law that allows cockfighting and the vaquilladas, veto them for the Congress to re-examine, to review the observations that I have formulated and which have been delivered to the Congress of the State\», stressed the governor of veracruz.

The observations submitted to the Congress, include pointed out, arguments, social, as elements in the international legal governing for all of Mexico and that applies to Veracruz.

However, he pronounced that \»the Congress listens to the opinion of the society, a decision supported, and that if with the majority that the Constitution points out, it reverts to the approval of this Reform, then, yes, it is published\».


In a message on Saturday, the governor Miguel Angel Yunes Linares emphasized that there is a fundamental value, upper, at this time, that should make prevail, \»the value of violence-the life of Veracruz, of the daily life of Veracruz, the violence in all its expressions\», so that you should make all efforts to ensure that there is not more violence, as it is acknowledged that \»if the violence is expressed daily in the amusement, in the traditions, that violence somehow permeates also into the social consciousness, and becomes a reasonable practice. I warn you that the kids today, the new generations, are in favour of the protection of animals. Children and young people give us daily lessons…. I have six grandchildren, and six love animals… and I also like animals, love my grandchildren\».

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