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Aug 17. 2017 – 06:07 pm.

The vet said that in Navojoa there is a need to attend to these animals in the street but does not have the economic resources, infrastructure or work.

Ericka Morales Barriga is an animal who has dedicated his life to the protection of the animals most in need.

Daniel Murillo

Navojoa, Sonora.- The noble profession of the veterinarian is to ensure the health of the animals and this action is reinforced by dr. Ericka Morales Belly, animal rights who has dedicated his life to the protection of the animals most in need.

Coming from a small community, the future veterinary never had the opportunity to meet a vet or someone to show him and learn about the world of animal care, so that his conviction led to exercise this altruistic work.

Being animalistic is a gift

“The love for animals is something you are born with, it is a gift and I was very small I was very passionate with the animals, lived with them, suffered with them and I liked to have them, raise them and help them.”

He commented that, until starting his university studies, he had the opportunity to learn and develop in this environment of care to the animal and discovered the vocation of the animal as such.

“At the clinic where I worked we received little animals where we gave them shelter and food, but we did not know this work animal until past the time we join to different people that practiced this work since a long time ago and they were passionate about protecting these defenseless animals”.

Through the Animal Foundation Missi Chou, it was like dr. Ericka delved completely into the world of animal care as a social action.

“This is the first association that I met that took care of the animals in this way, when you rescue them, care for them and enjoyed doing so, so for two years we have worked hand-in-hand in supporting this cause.”

Born miracle canine in Navojoa

He said that at the time there is a Miracle Canine, an association that was born in the bosom of the veterinary San José, where you work in this profession, and which is headed by mrs. Myriam Barcenas.

“In this case, ms. Myriam remained concerned about this need to care for the dogs, so we decided to direct this project with her to the head and I like your support, which we managed to do so much altruism that we have up to 40 animals with us responding to them, while there were people who called every day to bring us more and that if we got the would stop in the street without protection.”

He regretted that in Navojoa there is a need to attend to these animals in the street but does not have the economic resources, infrastructure or work to attend to these creatures that are growing in the municipality.

“For two years we did absolutely everything that was in our capacity and to exhaust our physical strength, economic resources and other means by which the society perceived this effort and we leaned in a constant way, and it is this development of consciousness on this topic of high impact”.

He assured that despite not continuing as part of this partnership, always provide its support to meet this need in health care for the animals.

“This to help animals is to feel strong and will continue to do so with all the love always because it is what is inside of us to share to the society”.

Continues to promote the love for animals

He reiterated that in his childhood he never had the opportunity to meet a veterinarian to let him know about this profession, so he decided to create a program in which about children to this work of protection to the animals.

“I have a strong conviction that tells me that the closer to the schools and go directly to the children to show them that makes a veterinarian, lets leave that seed of love for animals, so with this program will result in them.”

Commented that it is a program that only meets your long-term purpose but it is effective because the children learn about the care of the animal.

“At a certain point our society will change because these children will grow up with the habit and the notion that animals should be given love and care”.

He stressed that the society must be responsible in this topic and show your human side to these creatures that coexist in the world.

“If you don’t like animals is okay, but don’t otherwise abuse it, but if you love animals, we must demonstrate that taste for them to be responsible with them, get them vaccinated, desparasitándolos, bañándolos, with adequate food and implement actions that benefit society as sterilization.”

Invited the society to raise awareness about spaying and neutering to reduce the problem of dogs on the streets, through the different campaigns that are carried out in the municipality.

Canine Association Malaga

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