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The Federation Canine Costa Rica (ACAN) reported another case of animal abuse in the same home where last week he died a dog was hanged because his owners tied him up with a leash very short in the wall of the courtyard, in La Guacima of Alajuela.

In this case, you can see in the video attached to a dog look Doberman, tied with a strap too short to be a trunk under a heavy downpour.

It is worth mentioning that the dog appears circling to which it is tied is the one that he was hanged last week.

Animal advocates consider this practice totally unacceptable and against the principles of animal welfare.

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The rescuers did not stay idly by and filed the respective complaint before the Public Ministry.

In addition to assured that the Agency of Judicial Investigation took the seriousness of the case and is conducting research effectively, and this week they will present a report.

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“In this case is shown a direct violation of a law of the Republic, to give death or cause permanent injury to a domestic animal or domesticated, is punishable with Jail time,” said ACAN in your account of Facebook.

At the same time request that the gentlemen of the prosecution of Alajuela that will take the value corresponding to the case and that you take your diligence.

According to Ruben Rodriguez, president of the Federation Canine ACAN, Senasa had already had several anonymous complaints with regard to what was happening in this house and never proceeded.

That is why the organization ensures that they will arrive until the last consequences to enforce the animal welfare act.

“Our lawyers are filled with this complaint and to give the follow-up corresponding to this case, this can’t go unpunished, if we are to punish offenders, this would mark a historic milestone for the nation,” said Ruben Rodriguez.

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