Video: Report maltreatment of animals in housing where … – The Free Press Costa Rica

Video: Report maltreatment of animals in housing where ... - The Free Press Costa Rica 1

A new video posted on Facebook shows new mistreatment suffered by another dog in the same home located in The Roble, Alajuela, where the previous week a can, he was hanged, after the amarraran to a window.

The recording was shared on Wednesday by Acan Federation Canine Costa Rica and in the pictures you can see a dog, seem to breed dobermans, tied to a trunk in the courtyard of the housing and under the rain.

“In follow-up to the case of the dog that was viciously hanged in Alajuela, we get more videos of different types of mistreatment of animals that occurred in this house. In this case, you can see a dog look doberman tied with a leash very short to a tree trunk under a strong downpour, being this practice totally unacceptable and against the principles of animal welfare”, commented alongside the video.

According to the publication, a complaint was filed before the Public Ministry and requested the organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) that perform the searches of the case.

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“Here there is a direct violation of a law of the Republic, to give death or cause permanent injury to a domestic animal or domesticated, is punishable with jail time,” notes the publication.

The previous week a partnership animalistic in Alajuela received the complaint about animal cruelty by using a few pictures that show a dog that he was hanged after being tied up for that, in appearance, not to make noise.

Because the strap was so short, the animal made several attempts to get loose, but ended up leading to the death.

At the scene there were several rescuers of the Association Helps Animal, who alerted security forces, asking for help.

At that time, the neighbors claimed that they had already reported the case to Senasa, because in the house there are three dogs, two of whom are still alive, but, apparently, the officials there were in no time.

In addition, the rescuers asked the agents of the OIJ in Alajuela, make present, however, apparently, the prosecutor said that what happened was not animal abuse, as explained by Kathya Aguilar, one of the rescuers.

Video taken from Facebook Acan Federation Canine Costa Rica

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