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To see a donkey or horse pulling carts with loads of all types, including tons of debris and up to heavy coolers, is the common denominator in Cartagena.

The last case of animal abuse, that was shown in an amateur video, occurred in the neighborhood Footsteps of Alberto Uribe, to the south of the city.

In the pictures it looks like a donkey is suspended in the air when the owner tries to download trash in a green area. Listening to a voice that says «what colombianada. This nothing further happens in Cartagena, Bolívar», while several men try to go down to the animal.

The fact, which has caused outrage in social networks and in organisations animal protectors of the city, has turned on the alarm on the urgency that there is in that District to adopt a public policy for the protection of animals and enforce the Law 1774 to January 6, 2016, which punishes the abuse.

Mary Bonfante, president of the Association for the protection of Animals, said he, you have always been stressed to the Mayor’s office and its different administrations, the importance of taking out of circulation these types of vehicles, but so far have not been major changes.

«What draws the attention is that we have had discussions with the District where we have exposed all of the priority issues for the protection and animal welfare in Cartagena. One of the points on which we were emphatic is the process of restitution of the animal traction vehicles. We told them that if they could not begin the process of once due to lack of resources, educate the carromuleros to mitigate animal abuse and preserve the environment,» he said.

The episode is already a trend on twitter and has caused all kinds of reactions not only from users but from various areas of the society.

What says the standard?

The Decree 178 dated 27 January 2012 notes that since the issuance of that standard, in the term of a year would be prohibited in the entire country, the transit of the vehicles of animal traction. However, it’s been almost 5 years, and in Cartagena have only been replaced 80 vehicles of 580 that exist.

But not only The Heroic still has ‘carromuleros’. In the same conditions are in Barranquilla, Bogotá, Sincelejo, Armenia, Valledupar and Facatativá (Cundinamarca, colombia).

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