VIDEO: No to the animal abuse of dinosaurs – Swagger

How many complaints animals have you seen in your social networks this morning?

Because if you haven’t had the chance to see an animal, helpless against the cruelty of a human, this video is going to shake out.


Yes, those damn «tied up as pork» to this poor dinosaur on the back of a pickup truck with an infernal heat, and in the middle of the road, these good souls they recorded it and made the complaint.

Although not able to capture the plates, nor the van inside the van, at least they managed to make their complaint with the humane society.

Of course, this joke was already made viral on networking, and the guys seem so serious that you can’t help but laugh at their arguments and complaints.

Of course, animal abuse is something serious, but no one will bad falls a chascarillo, so share it with your friend that really cares for the animals and you get a smile.


*With information of Excelsior

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