VIDEO: Terrible case of animal abuse in the south of Chile – The Citizen | News that matters (press Release)

A couple chilean was accused of animal abuse after he tortured and killed a dog, a fact that was recorded on a security camera.

The case reported recently by the Foundation “by Hosting a Friend” in Puerto Montt noted that while the two persons asphyxiated, were kicked and beat the dog against the ground, this never tried to attack them.

Paula Jorquera, president of the organization for the protection of animals, said in a press release that the venom and coldness with which acted the killers do presume that is not the first time that perform this type of crimes, and “it is evident that they are a danger to the community”.

The hairdresser that despellejó live “Chocolate” is free.

The aberrant episode was recorded by a security camera from a company based right in the place and it was enough proof for that both were accused by the Prosecution.

The video may offend the sensibilities of some people.

March 5, 2017

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